I’m Right and Everybody Else is Wrong

I’m reading Helen Fielding’s The Edge of Reason for the gazillionth time.  I absolutely love Bridget Jones but alas I’m laughing at myself.  Well mind you I don’t smoke, am not overweight or in love with Colin Firth aka Mark Darcy.  In fact don’t have a Mark Darcy in my life – not even a Daniel – or my own flat and I’m not in my 30’s.   Oh.   Blast.   My life is worse than Bridget Jones’.   Better not go down that road.

Apart from that we’re identical, right?     Up one minute, sure I understand the meaning of life, excited about my potential future, sure my dreams can come true.

Down the next.  Doom.  Doooom.

Bloody hell.

Yesterday I took the day off and went by train into the city.  I thought about Bridget Jones and all her self-help books, and then I thought some more.  How about a satire on Change Your Life self-help books.   Trouble is, I’d want to write it just like Bridget Jones.  That wouldn’t do.

The idea’s good, though.  Maybe I can be original with it.   Wish I was Helen Fielding so I could just do it like Bridget Jones.  Much easier than trying to be original.  Probably end up much funnier, also.    Might turn out that I’m not awfully good at satire.

Better not go down that road before I’ve started.  Better stick to the core which is all the change your life instructions, online courses, e-books, articles.

The substance ranges hugely: Meditate!!! Get Organised!!! Figure it all out in your head!!!  Change the way you think!!!  Be Positive (lots of people love that one)!!!!   Dismiss your anger!!!  Give your life to Jesus, let him figure it out!!!!  Think of others before you think of yourself!!!  Do good deeds!!!!  Learn what the 10 or 60 million or only 3 points of successful behavior and thinking are and follow them!!!!  You too can Change Your Life Just As I Have!!!  Use your thoughts to overcome your emotions!!!   The Mind controls everything!!!  Don’t meditate!!!!   Don’t dismiss your anger!!!  Don’t live in your head!!!   Feel, be Real!!!

Oh wait a minute, the last four are mine.

Truth time?  I don’t know any more if what works for me would work for anybody else.   Well that’s what I think today, anyway.  Probably tomorrow I’ll go back to being quite sure that I’m Right and Everybody Else is Wrong.

To quote Bridget Jones,   Hmmmmm.