I’d Rather be Drinking Coffee

The moral of the story is you don’t have to work so hard.  Why bother with telling the story if you can just get straight to the moral.  V. funny.   For over a week inner voice has been niggling and whining, enough with the pressure. Have been trying to ignore it, pestilential thing, doesn’t it know I’m running out of time!?

Yesterday my day went something like this.  9.00 am:  drag myself out of bed totally uninspired and suspiciously  tantrum-ish.   9.01 am: check blog stats.  Minuscule! 9.06 am: can’t see the point of anything I’m doing, or that any of it is going anywhere.  Am just a foolish dreamer with No Prospect.  Feel total absence of flow is all my fault.   9.02 am: ignore  irritating voice and write my list of what I have to do.  Sing, finish script 5th draft, play piano, figure out recording glitch, blog, blog articles, SW article, sew pair of pants, emails, FB –

9.10 am: realize whiny niggling voice is yelling savagely and tsunami tantrum about to explode.  Well volcanoes explode, tsunami’s overwhelm.  9.11 am: tsunami volcano explodes / overwhelms v. messily and satisfyingly.  9.23 am:  shred list.    9.24 am:  Pour myself a cup of steaming, delicious, aromatic cup of coffee and Let.  It.  All.  Go.   Said to myself today it doesn’t matter, honey.  If you’d rather be drinking coffee and doing nothing of any significance then that’s just fine.

So, having drunk my coffee I spent the day listening to music and sewing a pair of pants.  Two things happened.  One I’ve got a new item of clothing whoopee, and two I realized that most of the people who have recorded aren’t that totally brilliant.  It didn’t stop them.   Right.   So, today looks a whole lot brighter and I’m ready to roll again.  And wouldn’t you know it, 14 times more people read blog yesterday than the day before.

This is where I neatly and brilliantly insert the moral that I opened with.  You see?   It doesn’t have to be so complicated and torturous.   Any of it.

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