The Secret of Success

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a formula for success.  Different categories of it – how to be a billionaire, how to have the perfect marriage, how to be perfectly happy, how to become President of Wherever and rule the world, how to write a best-seller, how to make it in whatever way you want to make it.

Plenty of people have written books on the subject, but as my nephew pointed out the other night, they’re not doing it because they believe they’ve found the ultimate secret and they want to help people, they’re doing it because they want to be successful how-to-be-successful authors.  It’s a good idea, mind you, I think I’ll give it try.

I resist the idea of formulae, because they’re always formed by outsiders.  Somebody once said that Sylvester Stalone got Rocky accepted because of the brilliant way he pitched it. So they figured if you wrote your pitch in the exactly the same way as Stalone wrote his for Rocky, you’d be successful.  Scores of people have analyzed his pitch letter, hoping to extract the secret.  Nobody’s succeeded yet.

It seems to me that successful people have one thing in common.  They don’t give up.  Sometimes success comes quite easily for a million reasons, sometimes it comes later.  It never comes to people who stop trying.  I saw a guy from Hollywood speak about this and he said the thing about persistence is that it works because a lot of your competition falls away, they give up.

It’s not just about that, though.  I think it’s about getting stronger and stronger within yourself that whatever you’re doing is okay.  Every time somebody rejects you or your work, you’ve got the option of believing them when they say you and it are no good, or standing up for yourself.  The more you do it, the more authority you develop.

The more authority you develop the more people start believing that you and your work are worth something.  In the end something gives.  If it’s not you, it’s got to be them!

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