Valentine’s Day Celebration with Love, Coffee and Chocolate

“I have found men who didn’t know how to kiss.   I’ve always found time to teach them. ”  Mae West.

“I have a holistic need to work and to have huge ties of love in my life. I can’t imagine eschewing one for the other.”  Meryl Streep

“I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts but I don’t see myself being queen of this country.”  Princess Diana

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” Franklin P. Jones

What a great day, Valentine’s day, everybody thinking about love.  Love of freedom, Love of women, men, children, love of chocolate…  Me I’ve been thinking about all the different things people have said about love – in between thinking about my love of chocolate, that is, and then thinking I’d better get me some.  Dark chocolate.  Mmmm.  It’s very good for your health, also.  It was probably just as good for my health to walk down to the shop past the beach to buy said chocolate.   And then, I had my cup of coffee when I got up this morning.  What a healthy person I am!  Add a good dollop of love from friends and you can understand why I’ve been in seventh heaven today.

So what do other people think about love?  Michelle Obama said “Cute’s good. But cute only lasts for so long, and then it’s, ‘Who are you as a person?’ Don’t look at the bankbook or the title. Look at the heart. Look at the soul. When you’re dating a man, you should always feel good… You shouldn’t be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t make you completely happy and make you feel whole.” [ Michael Y. Park. “Michelle Obama’s Secrets to Finding a Great Guy.” 10/28/2009.]

Obviously she’s got something right, Andrew Romano said of the Presidential couple “… I think it’s the Obamas’ willingness to act in public much how they act in private—open, informal, flirtatious— that has incited most of the swooning. At the Youth Ball, I noticed the president do something that’s impossible to imagine any of his predecessors doing: resting his head, eyes closed, on Michelle’s shoulder.”  [“Our Model Marriage.” Newsweek 2/23/2009.]

Einstein said “you cannot love a car the way you love a horse”.  Nicely put.  Not sure what he thought about men and women, though…  Or chocolate, for that matter.

I watched some of the BAFTA pre-awards the other night, and everybody went gaga for this decade’s British film icon-babe Colin Firth.  I wonder what he thinks about love?  I don’t know, I couldn’t find anything he’s said about it, so I chose this one instead “My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem.”

On that note, I’ll have another chocolate.