When someone holds out their hand

3rd blog of the day. 

I just re-read Anonymous’s comment, and realize didn’t even read it properly the first time. I think my paranoia kicked in.  Scary.

First of all, Anonymous said I know it helps to analyse… so the criticism is all in my head.  What’s new. 

Secondly, thanks again, Anonymous, for your kind words.  I want to tell you, though, it’s true that when I’m experiencing deep emotion, I don’t ever believe I’ll be happy again, but I always come out of it when I’ve done whatever I need to do.  I don’t remain in that dark place the way I used to.  Only until I’ve moved the energy and met the need, whatever it is.  Sometimes it’s to figure things out in my head, sometimes it’s to know I’m not alone, sometimes I have to reach out….  I never let myself stay there for very long any more.  Doesn’t mean that my emotion when I’m in the dark place isn’t very powerful.  It is.  In fact it’s more powerful now than it’s ever been before – but that is exactly what prompts me to move the energy and meet my need, and return to a good space.  Well-being.  I don’t think I want to do away with that, I just want to get better and better at hearing my emotion, letting the energy out, and meeting my needs.  That way I can stay present and conscious of everything that’s happening in my world.  And return more and more frequently to well-being.  That’s where I am at the moment.

I’ll tell you something, though, Anonymous.  Next time I’m blogging and finding my way out of the dark place, I’ll remember that you took the time to say something kind and helpful, and it’ll make a difference, it’ll make it a little bit easier to find the light.  It’s a big stroke for me, knowing that somebody cares. 

It’s a big deal when somebody holds out their hand.  I hope to hear from you again.