The World Loves CNN blog and Nationalism more than Chocolate and Coffee

Breaking news: the words CNN blog draw more roaming traffic than chocolate or coffee or narcissism.  I’m sure there’s a moral in there somewhere.  So how many titles can I think up with CNN blog in them?

Truth is, CNN isn’t the topic of the day.  Nationalism is.  When Nelson Mandela became President here in South Africa, and thereafter, there was a huge nationalism drive, called Proudly South African.

It never grabbed me.   I don’t like nationalism.  It’s a propaganda / brainwashing tool for the powers that be.  Very effective, good psychology at play.  We all want to identify with our roots, and we all want to know that we belong at a familial, social and national level.  It makes us feel safe and worthy.  That’s pretty normal, and when we don’t have any or all of those things we start behaving badly.

But when nationalism starts taking precedence over individuality, that’s when it’s dangerous.  It doesn’t always do that.  If you visit Italy, all Italians know their country is the best in the world.  But Italians are such individuals, that it never goes much further than that.

But when it goes too far, when it becomes a tool for the powers that be to get away with murder, that’s when it’s a problem.  Look at Hitler, Robert Mugabe, G.W. Bush, the ANC as it is now.  How about N. Korea’s Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.   Well, we don’t know much about the un fellow yet, but is it likely he’ll be any different from his father?  How about nationalism in China, Russia, France before the French Revolution.

Nationalism is touted as being for the good of the country, but it’s not.  It’s for the furthering of power so that those in power can do what they want.  usually they’re in league with or are pawns of arms manufacturers.  It’s such an emotionally binding thing, nationalism.  It blinds people to the fact that they’re giving up their rights to quality of life – even to life itself – and to the reality around them.  It makes people rationalize the worst kinds of abuse.

I hate it.  Proudly South African?  Not me.  “Human” is about as far as I’ll go.

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