It’s Winter. How Come Spring Is In The Air?

I went for a walk today, on a hillside road that looks down on the ocean and villages by the sea.  The air was warm, the sky went on forever, and something about it felt exciting.  Maybe it was in me.  I felt a renewed sense of my right to follow my own path and not be taken down by my past or by what anybody thinks of me.

I’ve spent my life being such a pleaser, desperately wanting people to like me.  It’s enough to make a person gag.  The other day I was thinking about how awful it is to be judged, and getting all knotted up inside.  Suddenly some part of me said “wait a moment.”  I could feel myself pulling out of that inner kind of groveling state.  And I heard the words come out of my mouth.  “You want to judge me?  Knock yourself out.”

I laughed out loud.  It felt good.  Spring can happen at any time of the year.


One thought on “It’s Winter. How Come Spring Is In The Air?

  1. Gorgeous photo- hope your health is great – I was crazy and went to dentist and did my yearly at the MD all in the same morning…..

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