Piers Morgan Calls for Accountability in Whitney Houston’s Death

One Moment in Time

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Piers Morgan has been interviewing people who were close to Whitney Houston over the past few days.  I think he was hoping they would agree with him that her close friends and the people responsible for her professionally should have protected her, and stopped her from going out to clubs and drinking.  He said the world knew she was an addict, so why didn’t anybody intervene?

He made the same point with Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse.  I understand what Piers was saying.  What kind of friend allows an addict to go to parties where suppliers of prescription drugs to celebrities hang out?  What kind of friend says to an alcoholic “here, hon, have another glass of champagne, it can’t hurt you”?

Everybody just went into total denial after Whitney’s death – she wasn’t out of it, she wasn’t drunk, she could handle the alcohol, she was just having a good time.  She wasn’t an addict, she wasn’t an alcoholic.  The same kind of drivel was trotted out when Michael Jackson died.  What is it about friends of superstars that makes them unwilling to intervene?

Do people have responsibility for others?  Ultimately I don’t think so, I think we all have to be responsible for ourselves.  But I also think that includes not enabling alcoholics and addicts.  And when you love and respect somebody is it okay to just abandon them because they’ve lost self control?  What happened to “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”?


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