You Don’t Ever Have To Give Up On Your Dreams

When I long for something and no matter how hard I try it doesn’t come to me, it’s so easy to see that as evidence that I’ve got my head in the clouds, that I’m unrealistic in my dreams.  It’s easy to give up.   But what I interpret as hard evidence isn’t an accurate representation of ultimate truth – it just represents what I can see.

What about all the things I can’t see, all the facts I haven’t taken into consideration?  All the things which will contribute to my success which might actually have been set in motion already – and which I don’t know about yet?

Take J.K. Rowling before she was published.  She was rejected – and depressed about her life, at a real low point.  She didn’t consciously believe anything good could happen.  All the evidence she could see showed that success wasn’t going to happen for her.  The publishers who rejected her said “no market for this”.  Part of her believed it, but no matter how low she was, she couldn’t stop herself hoping.

Even at the moment that one of the publisher’s employees picked up her manuscript off a pile  – the moment that things had been set in motion irrevocably – nobody else knew, and J.K. didn’t either.  At that point, when the reality of her future success was in the making, “evidence” still pointed to her failing.

We often don’t allow ourselves to contemplate our possible success because we’re so hell-bent on believing the “evidence” of our non-success.   But “evidence” is about what’s happened, it’s not about the future.  If we take it as prediction of what’s going to happen, we give up.  We can’t afford to.  And that time of not giving up is the most important time of all – it’s when we sow the seeds of our conviction that our dream is meaningful and possible.

Maybe that’s the secret element that actually makes dreams come true.  Something that defies logic and can’t be seen or touched.

It’s a choice.  The provocation to give up is often huge; there are plenty of times when all evidence seems to be pointing to the impossibility of dreams coming true, when fear is on the prowl and the inner spoiler is a constant pop-up – you’re ridiculous, you’re pathetic, it’s  too late for you, your dreams are way out of your league, look at where you are now – how can you think you’ll ever get to where you want to be….

If you give that spoiler authority you might as well just jump off a cliff.  Personally, I don’t blind myself to the reality of my current situation, but I can’t see into the future and I refuse to believe that where I am right now is an indication of it.   I prefer to acknowledge that there might be a lot that’s already in motion that I can’t see.

Of all my dreams, the two most important to me are to get my book onto the world stage and to get me and my voice onto a stage too.  Even if every person in the world said to me “you can’t do it” I wouldn’t give up.   Because I’d remember that once upon a time every person in the world thought the world was flat.  One man knew it was round.  He was the one who was right.

I don’t want to ever give up and I don’t have to.  Just have to keep on plugging away.  It’s the journey that counts anyway, it’s where all the fun is, all the fulfillment.  Imagine throwing that all away.


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