How to Be Successful – The Audacity of Hope, Faith, Belief

Out of all the blogs that I’ve written, the one that’s had the most traffic has been the last one.  The second most popular was “You don’t have to give up” and a close third was blog about my love affair that didn’t happen with Jack-that’s-not-his-real-name.   A lot of us are romantics at heart it seems.

All of us want to be successful, too, we’re all dreaming about it, wondering how to make it happen in a way that’s meaningful for us.  Think about this, there are so many billions of people in the world.  And every single person has a dream, if not scores of them.  That makes gazillions of dreams being dreamed right now.  Dreams that haven’t come true yet, but will one day.

I’m pretty convinced that the idea, the dream, is what sets everything in motion.  Can’t think of anything that didn’t start with an idea.  So just imagine, if the dreams are where all the action is, how much activity is going on behind the scenes right now.  That’s a lot of creative energy.  Yeehah!

And not one of us billions knows for sure that our dreams are in the process of coming true,  because we can’t see it, our senses aren’t finely tuned enough.  We’re a thick lot, we humans, aren’t we?   Not nearly as clever as we like to think we are.  Still, I love us.  And it’s a good thing we have this audacious thing called faith, belief, hope.

The dream is to its manifestation as the duckling is to the egg.  Somebody who had never seen an egg hatch wouldn’t know that it was destined to turn into something so beautiful.  Does the duckling need us to believe in it to be able to be born?  I doubt it.  But it does need the egg to be protected from breakage, and to be nurtured.


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