ePublishing – Independent And Having Fun

One of the most exciting things about epublishing has been the idea that I can be my own boss and don’t have to be dictated to by big publishers.  Nor do I have to have my book on hold for six months while they get round to reading and assessing it.  The reality of epublishing has been even more exciting, a whole new world opening up.

I started out with Lulu.com.  Huge challenge to get my Word doc to be accepted by their converter.  Then I discovered a bunch of different options for distribution – Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Nobles for Nook, iBookstore, Sony, PDF, Stanza for mobile upload – and a site that converts my book into all the different files for them.  Wow.

I’ve also learned how to create my own PDF version and link it to a service, eJunkie, that will accept payment through Paypal and provide the download of my book automatically.  I’m starting to feel as if I’ve made some progress in the fundamentals of creating my ebook, selling it privately and also making it available to all the different distributors.

Now for the marketing.  I’ve heard so many authors complain about how their books don’t sell, on Amazon, or Lulu or wherever.  Selling books, whether they’re made of paper or are digital, might seem as if it’s about luck but I reckon it’s all in the marketing.  In this product-satiated world, people buy what’s put in front of them, and I don’t think it’s very different with books, digital or paper.

I guess it’s just about talking to people, reaching out to them, sending out press releases to journalists and papers all over the world, maybe even radio stations.  Everybody wants to be on the New York Times Bestseller list, but I’ve also got my sights on small towns and their local papers.  And I’m going to send my ebook to celebrities to ask for their endorsements.  I guess I’ll have to find them through their agents.  I’ll find a way.

This is such a remarkable time for me.  I’ve run businesses before, but always I was more running scared than running business.  I never felt I was in the driver’s seat.  In any case, I hated the business world.  It seemed hostile and inhospitable, terrifying.  I always felt as if I was an outsider who would never be accepted into the elite inner circles.

This time round it’s totally different.  The world looks big to me, and sometimes that’s daunting, but it doesn’t feel inhospitable and I don’t feel like an outsider any more.  Right now the image I have in my head is that I’m in the driver’s seat of quite a small, not very fancy car.  It’s exactly what I want it to be, because I can manage it.  I’m in my jeans, and barefoot.  And I’m on the open road.

My book is about learning to be authentic and equal in relationships.  It’s addressed to women, but actually it’s for everybody.  For more inf0, click the image below.  It will take you to my ad page on Blogger:


One thought on “ePublishing – Independent And Having Fun

  1. Congrats on going the indie route and good luck! As you pointed out, writing the book is one thing; selling it is a completely different animal–which is why it’s good to put campaigns in place BEFORE the book launches. We have a free marketing plan template on our website if interested.

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