Sometimes life is just too damn puzzling.  There are pieces that you think should fit together but they don’t.  Some part of you wants to fit in but the place that’s allotted for you is too small.  Like Emilio and his piano.  He’s got two options: either break off bits of his piano so it can fit, or find a bigger door.


5 thoughts on “Cul-de-sac

  1. He could also build it a little shelter and play it outside… Did u watch the Piano (1993)? Its not a great movie but it has this rather significant piano and they refuse to take it to the house and just leave it on the beach….

  2. The town that my oldest son Zach lives in did a art experiment this summer. They put 17 pianos around town, outside, for people to decorate and play. Because of the drought on Texas it went all summer without rain, so it lasted for a long time…. He got some friends together and painted one, and then they stayed up all night playing it and singing together. It was pretty cool!

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