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Who am I into?  For too long women have struggled to be equal in relationships.  We’ve let men be the subject, we’ve been the object.  Gals, it’s time to make ourselves the subject. Time  to develop authenticity and self respect so we can claim equality instead of pleading for it.  We’ve wanted men who behave badly to change, but let’s take the lead, embrace change ourselves.  Take our destiny into our own hands!  To get my book But Am I Into Him?  click  on the title or any of the images.

I’ve been excited about epublishing because I thought I didn’t have to be ground down by big publishers.  The more options I realized I had for distribution – Lulu, Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Nobles for Nook), iBookstore, Sony, PDF – the more excited I got.

Understanding how to format a Word doc and convert it for each distributor was confusing at first, but I’ve cracked that now.   They all charge about 30%.  I was fine with that because they let me set my own price.  Except for Amazon.  If you charge less than $9.99 you get 70% royalty.  If charge more, you get 35% .

So they strong-arm writers into selling cheap.   I really didn’t like that.  So I started thinking, is there any real advantage for an epublisher just starting out to distribute through any of them at the start?  Actually, there isn’t, because they just list you, they don’t do any marketing.

Right now people will only know about my book if I tell them about it.  Why direct them to the big distributors when I could just direct them to my own site?  When my book is well-known and people are going to these distributors to specifically find it, then it will serve me to sign their terms.   Until then they’re getting free advertizing from me.

In any case, out of 5,000 e-readers 15% preferred the Mobi format expressly for Kindle – and to get that I must accept Amazon’s terms.  22% preferred ePub for Nook – and I have to accept Barnes & Nobles’ terms.  But 35% preferred PDF, which I can do on my own for free.  Kindle, Nook, Sony e-readers can all buy my PDF from me and convert it for free.

It’s a no-brainer.  Getting published and finding success is as challenging with e-books as it is with real books.  The success of my book in the beginning doesn’t depend on the big guys.  It depends on me.  Maybe this is a problem for me, or maybe it’s going to be my saving grace: I don’t like being exploited.

Click on the image below to find out more about my ebook

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