But Am I Into Him? My First e-Published Book

My first publishable book is online!   There’s a lot to be said for finishing something that’s been challenging…  Whoever said writing was easy?  It is sometimes.  Once in a blue moon!  Much more often it’s about staring at a blank page until your forehead bleeds.  Then filling it with too many words as they finally gush out, thinking you’re the world’s finest, most articulate genius.

Then reading what you’ve written and realizing – uh, got to edit out 90% of them.  And starting all over again.  Finally the thing’s done but you’ve then got to figure out how to tame Word and edit your document so it can be converted into an epub file; designing a cover using software you’ve never encountered before; wading through a fog of terminology you don’t understand.

Then one blessed day, you’re ready to press that “PUBLISH” button.  I did it last night just before midnight.  I’d expected to experience a wild adrenalin rush and, at least in my imagination, see fireworks and hear trumpets and grand orchestral celebrations, but unexpectedly a quiet peace descended, shortly before a big smile flooded through me.  Did you know your toes can smile?   That’s one of my dreams come true!  Now for the others…

This is what my book is about:

Who am I into?  Me or everybody else?  That question is a top priority for many women today.  The sad truth is, we’re not really into us, we’re too busy focusing on him.  Worse, we’re still too often letting him make the decisions and choices that affect us so deeply.  For too long men have been the subject of our sentences, our questions, and our lives! We have settled for being the object.

Frankly, gals, isn’t it time we focused on us first, and made ourselves the subjects of our own sentences and lives?  “But Am I Into Him?” has a new perspective on relationships.  It gives frank advice on how to develop the self respect and authenticity we need, so we can claim our equality instead of pleading for it.  We’ve hoped that the men who behave badly would change, but let’s not wait for them any more.  Let’s embrace our own change and take our destiny into our own hands!

To buy, click here or on either of the  images.  It will take you to the selling page on lulu.com.  You’ll need Adobe Digital Editions to be able to read it on your computer.  Download it here for free.  My book will be available on Kindle and Nook soon.

If you enjoy my book, please share the link with friends and family and feel free to come back here and leave comments.  Thanks!



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