Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray Trial

Jury’s out.   I’ve watched this trial a lot and enjoyed how David Walgren has prosecuted.  He did a pretty good job and he had great witnesses.  His intelligence and the way he conducted himself was satisfying to watch.  Conrad Murray’s attorneys on the other hand were pathetic, as were their star witnesses.   They tried to bend the facts and failed miserably.

Strangely the defense’s closing was passionate and appealing.  Whereas Walgren’s was quite boring.  He’s not as good an actor as Ed Chernoff.  It would be ironic if the jury come to their verdict because of something so arbitrary as temporary charisma.  Temporary because none of the defense attorneys have had an ounce of it throughout the trial, but somehow Chernoff pulled it out of his hat in his closing.

It seems pretty obvious that Murray was horrifyingly negligent and is going to have to face the consequences of that.  But I don’t think he’s an evil man.  More likely he was a man in debt who was sucked into the orbit of a superstar who knew how to get what he wanted.  I find it hard to believe that Jackson wasn’t the one who insisted Murray give him all that Propofol.

Whatever Murray did or didn’t do, he’s been punished already – his life is in pieces, his professional credibility shot.  Whatever part Michael Jackson played in being irresponsible towards himself will probably never see the light of day.  Murray will pay for it all.  Somehow that doesn’t seem entirely fair to me.

Jackson’s family are allegedly going to take out a civil suit against Murray after this, which won’t achieve a thing because he hasn’t got any money.  He’s already a broken man. Do they want to grind him into the dust?  Plus is it likely they didn’t know their son and brother was getting massive doses of Propofol every night?  Why didn’t they intervene then?

There’s something twisted about all of this.  It seems more than a family’s grief.  I wonder if it’s what Michael Jackson would have wanted?


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