A Flawed Man – Donald Trump for US President?

He’s not my favorite person, Donald Trump.  I see a small man with a bundle of neuroses hiding behind a giant ego and being driven by megalomania.  The frightening thing about him is how wonderful he thinks he is.  Can’t stop blowing his own trumpet.  To my ear it’s horribly off key.  Now it seems he might really be setting his sights on running for President of the United States.  Oh good God, save us all.

I saw him interviewed by Piers Morgan the other night.  I would so have enjoyed it if Morgan had asked him hard questions to expose his vanity, but instead Morgan treated him with a respect that bordered on brown-nosing.  Anybody would have thought they were best friends.

And Piers said he thought Trump would have a good chance as Republican nominee.  Surely he doesn’t think Trump would make a good president?   Will Trump be able to resist the temptation?  The ultimate ego boost.  He keeps saying he won’t run, but I don’t believe him.  If by some hideous twist of fate he succeeded he would undo every decent thing Barack Obama has managed to achieve, despite the obstacles shoved in his way.

That would be a travesty.  When Obama was elected didn’t we all think that at last the US could become the great country it has the capacity to be?  He hasn’t been given much of a chance, and if he loses this election – to somebody like Trump – it will be an historic tragedy.

When I think of Trump beside Barack Obama, every sensibility in me is offended.  Obama is a man of such integrity, intelligence and dignity.  Articulate, bright, a man way ahead of his time.  He’s sociable, warm, has a great sense of humor and an incredibly balanced mind.  He’s a pleasure to watch no matter what he’s doing.  An inspiration.

Donald Trump on the other hand is a buffoon.  Take away all his money and I wonder what would be left.  A scared, insecure little boy with a distinct propensity to bullying. Hallo World War III.  Usually I can feel some kind of empathy for bullies at some level because I can see the  vulnerable part.

It’s hard with Trump.  I think I’ve seen his vulnerability once, on one of The Apprentice finales.  The guy who won got bigger applause than Trump. It was so amazing, there was a split second when all his confidence and boasting slipped off him.  And he did look like a terrified kid, lost.  He doesn’t have any real self esteem, he’s just got over permissive entitlement.  And he’s not smart enough to know it.

And his vulnerability is usually hidden beneath the voluminous folds of his bloated ego.  In a way I feel sorry for him because the whole world enables him. Everybody bowing and scraping to him because he’s amassed so much wealth.  There’s no reason for him to change.  It keeps him imprisoned by his flaws.

But I’ll feel a whole lot more sorry for America and the whole world if he gets the chance to be president.  Please, America, don’t even consider it.


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