Gaddafi: Death Of A Monster: Libya’s Sad Story

I don’t  blame them, the guys who pulled Gaddafi out of a storm drain and shot him.  Actually when I watched the footage, blurred as it was, I didn’t even feel anything for him.  You live by the sword you die by the sword.

All the killing and suffering because one man couldn’t let go of power.  And now he’s dead anyway, died like a rat.  What a horribly sad story.   How are Libyans going to recover from the trauma of all the violence and carnage?  What about the children?

It’s easy to hate Gaddafi and be glad that he’s dead.  Easy to think of him as a bestial creature, not human.  But this morning’s paper had a photo of him taken just after he died, his body bloodied, his face collapsed.  And next to it was a photo of 3 of his supporters, lying face down outside the drain, also dead.  And it hit me.

Somewhere inside that body and twisted mind lay a soul.


5 thoughts on “Gaddafi: Death Of A Monster: Libya’s Sad Story

  1. Great “short shot” piece. And all have “eternity written in their hearts” – all also make choices. Jesus is willing to forgive, set free and restore ANYONE through the price he paid on that cross up on the cold hill so very long ago…. anyone who will but ask to be forgiven by the Creator of the Universe. Wow…I am so glad that He never gave up on me.

  2. Your total piece was heartless . Who ever wrote this blog has no heart. Ghadafi was a tyrant but he was a human being. he was the leader for his country for 42 plus years. He mostly cause more harm to other citizens with past terrorist activities. But he is dead now. Can’t keep beating a dead horse.

    • Ras, thank you for commenting. I’m sorry my blog struck you as heartless, but I think you might have misinterpreted it.

      The point I was making was that when a man’s deeds were monstrous it’s easy to forget that he had a soul. I acknowledged that at first I did the same, and when I said “I don’t blame the guys who pulled [Gaddafi] out of the drain and shot him” I didn’t mean that what they did was okay. I just meant that I understood their rage and I didn’t want to judge them.

      But I came to understand the tragedy of his life when I saw those photos of him and of his supporters lying dead. That’s what prompted me to write my piece. My last sentence is the heart of it.

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