Jackson Trial: Conrad Murray’s Attorney Is Burying His Client

Whoever says that life isn’t as interesting as the movies or TV is lying or delusional.  Or has different taste to me.  I’ve been watching the Conrad Murray trial at night and it’s absolutely fascinating.  The poor man doesn’t stand a chance in hell of winning.

For a start, prosecutor David Walgren has done all his homework and is a smart guy.  He’s making his case expertly and clearly.  It’s not that hard for him to do, since all the evidence points to Murray having acted irresponsibly.  Still he’s covering all the bases.

On the other hand, Murray’s attorneys – especially Ed Chernoff, an older guy with white hair and a pock-marked face and an expression reminiscent of a distinctly nauseous reptile – just aren’t as smart.  In fact I’d go so far as to say the reptile fella is a bit of a fool.  But an arrogant one.

The questions he asks when he’s cross-examining, if you can call it that, are burying his client.  He’s proving the prosecution’s case.  It’s too weird for words.  The witnesses so far have been intelligent and articulate and they obviously have no respect for him at all.

It’s annoying listening to and watching him.  He irritates the judge and the witnesses no end.  A British attorney who comments on the case now and then for SkyNews said he’s worked with some really brilliant American lawyers, but this guy isn’t one of them!

I wonder what Conrad Murray is thinking.  It’s hard to tell, he shows no expression on his face.  Sometimes he looks quite sedated.  I wonder if he’s taking Propofol!  But most of all I wonder what impact the defense attorney is having on the jury.  It can’t be good.

I lie.  I wonder about one more thing more than anything else.  If the dishy-looking prosecutor is married.  I think I’ve developed a crush on him.  He’s rather gorgeous in an understated, quite down-to-earth way.  Looks like quite a regular guy.


2 thoughts on “Jackson Trial: Conrad Murray’s Attorney Is Burying His Client

  1. DAVID WALGREN, the deputy DA is very handsome and extremely brilliant, organized and unflappable! I see him with a BIG future in politics one day or a news commentator. He is really special, however, the defense jerks are so inept and the good “doctor” so stupid, it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • So true, Robert! The thing I like about Walgren as prosecutor is that he doesn’t descend to cheap tactics – well he doesn’t need to, does he? The two older defense attorneys are clowns, though. It’s hard to believe they don’t see how they’re just digging a deeper and deeper hole for their client.

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