Gaddafi And His Friends – In South Africa?

Allow me to have a rant.   Anybody with an ounce of sense – and I mean anybody who has been outraged at Gaddafi’s behavior and who is rejoicing now that his murderous regime is over – is surely supporting the UN’s call for his $1.5 billion assets to be unfrozen so that Libyans can rebuild their country.

But not South Africa’s government.  President Jacob Zuma has said it’s okay to release $500m for humanitarian purposes, but not the rest, because – wait for it – we can’t support an interim authority that has come to power by illegitimate means.

Right.  And Gaddafi was legitimate?  Furthermore, Zuma was quoted in the Mail & Guardian (August 26 – September 21 2011) as saying “The situation in Libya has been of concern as it has been accompanied by the undermining of the African continent’s role in find a solution.  We could have avoided a lot of loss of life in Libya.”

He has taken the position that the Libyan crisis is just another example of how the rest of the world shows Africa no respect.  Which part of Africa is he talking about?   Corrupt African leaders or African people who have revolted against said leaders?   I think the “rest of the world” has shown huge respect for African people living in Libya.

Zuma was reported to have said not too long ago that if he had to, he would personally fly into Libya to ensure his friend Gaddafi’s passage to safety.  Of course the government now denies he said it.  I hope that’s the truth.  Zuma has some strange friends, though.  His candidate for the position of chief justice has some scary views on marital rape.

In an appeal against a sentence for marital rape he heard in 2007, he acknowledged that the husband had throttled his wife and pinned her to the bed to have sex with her against her will.  He said the man’s guilt was proved beyond reasonable doubt.  But he also said that no harm was done by the throttling and in any case, she came to bed in panties and a nightdress.

The poor guy must have been sexually aroused when his wife came to bed so sexily clad, and his desire to have sex with her must have overwhelmed him.  He only used minimum force, so there was no legitimate reason to imprison him.  Wow.  And this is the guy Zuma wants for his chief justice.  Hey, Gaddafi would fit right in there.  Men with too much permissive entitlement and not a whole lot of integrity.

I had a fantasy when I saw that £1 million reward is offered for Gaddafi, dead or alive.  I imagined seeing him here in Cape Town in some kind of ridiculous disguise which I of course would penetrate with my remarkable acuity.   I’d slink around after him, hugging corners, checking out the landscape.  He’d sit down at a restaurant.  I’d dash to the internet café.

The FBI et al would somehow instantly be deployed (perhaps Harry Potter would help with a bit of magic) and would descend in thwopping helicopters to take the man down and deliver him into the hands of those he has abused with such terrifying impunity.  As for me?  Hah.  World fame at last.  A book deal, a film script, an interview with Oprah on OWN.   Instant success and achievement.  Not to mention a tidy fortune.


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