A Rabid Public Appetite for Gore and Tragedy?

It’s ironic.  Given all the fear-mongering that’s been done around Muslim fundamentalists, a man who’s been influenced by it all and hates non-whites and Muslims has chosen to use Muslim fundamentalist means to get his message across.

And it continues to be a relief to see how Norway is dealing with their tragedy, refusing to let the psychopath have a public platform.  What a disappointment it must be to him to be confined and denied celebrity status.

The general sanity of the Norwegians in charge of the investigation and trying him has been like a balm on what’s become an open, festering global wound.  The pleasure so much of the general public takes in the worst kind of disasters.

I wish the news channels would take their brief from the Norwegians.   But every time I switch on the news, there’s the murderer’s damn photograph.  Everybody milking it for maximum ratings, newspapers splashing it over the front page with hugely dramatic headlines for maximum readership.

Are the majority of people around the world enjoying this in some kind of sick way, is it just food for a rabid public appetite engorging itself on horror, needing ever increasing gore and tragedy?

Are our lives so boring?  Why doesn’t everybody just go to the movies?

Imagine if readers and viewers said en masse we don’t want to see his picture any more, or see any more intrusion into the survivors’ suffering.   We want only to see the deepest respect shown to them, and to know that the legal system will take care of putting this man where he can’t hurt anybody again.

And imagine if the news channels and newspapers said even if you want to see his photo and you bay for bloodlust headlines we won’t give them to you.  We won’t pander to your addiction and we won’t let this man and what he’s done reach celebrity status.

And pigs might fly.


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