Reality TV – The Dark Face to Civilization

Life seems so complicated some times, especially when I really pay attention to what’s going on around me.  Being virtually bed-bound still I can’t see much of what’s in the world except what’s reflected on TV and it’s generally not a very pretty sight.  I can hardly bear to watch the news much, it’s just all war and fighting and killing and murder and mayhem.  And it’s all so normal now.

I can only watch it in fiction if the person suffering is given the love they need so the suffering can stop.   And the good guys win and life is portrayed as being essentially good, with most people having the integrity to at least wrestle with fairness and justice.   And when it comes to reality on TV, I long to see more of that, too.

I watched CNN’s coverage of William and Kate in Canada.  It was absolutely divine to see all the excitement and the love.  No hatred, violence, anger or ugliness.  No overblown celebrityship either.  A young couple who have such humanity and dignity, know how to connect, how to have fun, how to be real.

But obviously not enough people want to see that.  If they did, wouldn’t we see more of it in the news?  And in the papers.  This civilization we have has blood-lust running through its veins.  It’s weird, even reality shows apparently created for entertainment are becoming more and more about making people suffer as much as possible.   Who can enjoy watching that?   More to the point, why?

Piers Morgan interviewed various journalists over the Casey Anthony trial and made the point that trials like this are a media shark feeding frenzy.  He seemed astonished that people would get off on the spectacle which had really been created by so much suffering.

But honestly, Piers, what’s new?  People have been gathering en masse since Medieval days to watch hangings and public executions.  What about the Romans, throwing Christians to the lions?  I guess it was the earliest form of reality entertainment.  It seems we’re not far from that again.  Scary.  I hope it’s a phase the world is going through, one which will pass.  Maybe we’re living in a kind of dark ages even though we think we’re civilized.

Maybe we’re heading towards an age of respect, of kindness and gentleness towards ourselves and each other, absence of greed, healthy self esteem.   An age where real sanity prevails and violence of every kind is seen as revolting, disgusting, the ultimate in everything that’s unattractive in every way.  An age where nobody gets off on suffering for the sake of being a martyr, or on watching others suffer.

An age where beauty is more valued than ugliness, and life is a softer, happier thing all round.  A true Renaissance.



2 thoughts on “Reality TV – The Dark Face to Civilization

  1. I feel for you. You are a captive audience for television and bad news when you are bed-bound. Surely, there must be some good news somewhere that could be reported. Even the reality shows are so mean-spirited. I read more than ever because of this.

    So sorry you are still in bed. It must be so difficult. Do you live alone? If you don’t reel like responding, I understand. Get well soon. Fran Larson

  2. Hi Fran, it’s so nice to hear from you! “Mean-spirited”, that’s exactly it; you always find the right words 🙂 I’m starting to recover a bit more quickly now, and am taking an anti-inflammatory three times a week so I can drive to the physio and therapy and can also do a bit of computer work again. What a relief.

    I rent a kind of bachelor apartment in somebody’s house and she’s been doing some shopping and stuff for me, but I’m otherwise completely alone. I’ve got so increasingly since I went bankrupt and now I actually don’t have any friends here at all. All my friends live in the US or the UK. It’s been horrid and it’s brought home to me more than anything how I can’t stand being so lonely any more. Maybe at last I hit my loneliness threshold. Which is a good thing. I can’t wait to be properly mobile again so I can do something about it.

    How are you? I’ve been so out of touch, but I think about you often. Lots of love. xxx

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