Thank God The World Didn’t End, I’ve Still Got A Whole Lot Of Living To Do

That’s today’s view from my window.   Peaceful.

So the world didn’t end, huh.  Not that I expected it to.  I must admit I feel a degree of triumph verging on unsavory spitefulness at all the gloom and doom prophets who predicted that we were so bad, so irretrievably monstrous, ill-behaved and irresponsible that we’d brought it on our own heads anyway. Serve us right.

Funny how these predictions that people who lived a million years ago allegedly made bring out the worst in spiritual frauds.  A lot of people point fingers at fundamentalist Christians and Muslims for their wild and punishing interpretations of the Bible and the Koran but this Mayan thing brought a lot of fundamentalists from other religious disciplines too.

I don’t what it is about Bhuddism and eastern religions that makes us in the west instinctively believe that anybody who subscribes to them is automatically elevated into the saintly category of humans, the Enlightened Ones.  It seems that if you meditate you can do no wrong.  I’ve always found it irritating.  Because meditation is just a certain kind of discipline.

And like all disciplines it can be used to face the core of who you are, and it can just as easily be used to escape that truth, especially when it’s uncomfortable.  Denial wrapped in a mantle of holiness.   I’ve known of a guru or two who were as neurotic as any other kind of fundamentalist, Christian or Muslim.

I know one in particular from the west who embraced eastern disciplines and now seems to spend most of his time pointing fingers at practically the whole human race and focusing on what everybody else is doing wrong.   Meditation doesn’t seem to have filled him with love for the human race and forgiveness for our fallibility.  I suspect that at the core of everything he’s avoiding a lot of unresolved hurt and rage of his own, and just projecting it.

He seemed to relish the idea of how much punishment is waiting in the wings for all us sinners   who had strayed so far from the simple core of who we are that we’re destroying ourselves and the earth with our greed and refusal to be responsible.  He’s made many dire predictions over the last year that the end was in sight. Whether he was referring to the Mayan thing or not I don’t know.

I wonder how many disappointed people there were, as yesterday drew to a close.  What kind of person hopes that the whole world will implode, hopes that massive suffering befalls billions of humans, adults, children, really old, frail people, animals?  Phew.  The mind boggles.

I’m rather glad the world didn’t end yesterday.  I haven’t learned to ride a horse properly yet, my piano playing isn’t as good as I want it to be, I’ve got three film scripts I need to edit and get out into the market, an e-book that’s nearly done, a crime novel to write and a bio about how the biggest crisis in my life opened the door to life for me.

And I haven’t sung with Michael Buble yet, or taken the train across Siberia in winter; walked the Great Wall of China, seen the Norwegian Fjords, reacquainted myself with the violin and with Florence, Venice, London, the US.  Haven’t flown in a hot air balloon or a helicopter, worn Armani, Chanel and Dior.  Or been on Oprah.  And that’s just a few things on my list.  Living my life my way.

So all you gloomy and doomy people, if you want to die cataclysmically, hey, be my guest.  But I’ve got a whole lot of living still to do.

Btw I’m not knocking meditation or eastern religions.  For some original and inspiring insights into both visit or visit Drunken Mystic on (the link will take you to one of his articles there.  There are many.  He’s a really great guy.)


One thought on “Thank God The World Didn’t End, I’ve Still Got A Whole Lot Of Living To Do

  1. Gorgeous view! Actually Buddah and Confucious and Mohammed (I probably cannot spell…) are dead and buried – Jesus is the only one who is alive as per witnesses in historical (and non-Biblical) books.

    The Bible says that no one except God the Father knows the hour of Christ’s return – the end of the world as we now know it SO anyone claiming to set dates seems to be wrong by definition…

    Enjoyed your piece as usual!

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