Osama Bin Laden’s Death – The World Has Gone Mad

I think the world has gone mad.  I can’t believe the obscene celebrations around Osama Bin Laden’s death and how the media talks about it as if it was a wildlife kill.  What made it okay for the US to go into a foreign country and shoot him point blank?  He was resisting arrest – it’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.  He also was unarmed.

I didn’t like the man and I think he was responsible for some hideous crimes against humanity.  I think he was a psychopath who exploited the prejudices and anger of his followers so that they’d happily pull the trigger.  That must have given him a nice feeling of power.  But the way he was assassinated makes the west no better than he was.  I think the most anybody had the right to do was to put him on trial.

There could never be any justice for what he did.  Killing him isn’t justice.  It’s murder.  Well, revenge is fun, isn’t it, it makes you feel good.  It makes you feel as if you’re not helpless, especially when you can actually kill somebody.  I think it’s fine to fantasize it, but the act isn’t a powerful one.  It’s about bully power and inner weakness.

I think a dangerous precedent has been set.  What’s to stop anybody to just go into a foreign country and kill whoever they want?   Well, doesn’t half the world do that anyway, but now it’s been further legitimized.  Sadly, it’s obvious from the tapes just released by the CIA that he wasn’t really that powerful anyway.  He was a sad old man, kind of withered inside.  And yesterday an ex member of Al Queda said he had long been just a figurehead, a spiritual guide.

So how much was he really responsible for?  Both Al Queda  and the West had a field day building him up into some kind of superman for years.   I can see why Al Queda would do it, but why did the US participate?  And whoever else did.   I find it really hard to believe the US didn’t have better information.

The whole thing stinks.  And what did this killing achieve?  How can this bestial illustration of utter dismissal of justice do anything other than fan the flames?   We want fundamentalists to behave with decency, responsibility and respect for human life but we don’t do it ourselves.  That’s a pretty horrific double standard.  Double standards always hurt those who live by them.

For the first time since he was elected I’m disappointed that Barack Obama gave the okay.  I’ve always seen him as a man of tremendous integrity, with a mammoth task.  I think he’s dealing with all the obstacles that are strewn constantly in his way.  I still believe he has integrity, but I think he’s been forced to compromise it a lot.  I wonder how much option he had on this, and what he would have done if left to his own devices.   It’s not easy running a country that’s split down the middle in so many different ways.

As for Osama Bin Laden, I can make the distinction between the man, his behavior, and his  essential spirit. I feel sad that a man could have become such a psychopath; I hate his behavior; and I respect his spirit.  I think life sometimes can provoke us almost beyond endurance into blocking out the last so that we can justify taking revenge, but I can’t see that it’s right.


3 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden’s Death – The World Has Gone Mad

  1. Thank you Jennifer, I have been feeling uneasy about this whole thing as I watched families of the victims say that they now have found closure. And I couldn’t help but feel that it had only accomplished a sense of revenge – that’s not closure it is continuing the cycle and fueling it with the same bad energy. Your post helped me articulate why I feel uncomfortable with such irrational behavior. The world is certainly out of balance here…

  2. I’ve been resisting getting into this but well you know what we resist…. I think we are all guilty of double standards. We are reacting to the hypocrisy of this killing because it has been brought to us on a plate via the news media and ignoring others. You only have to visit Amnesty International’s news feed to learn about the unlawful killings, rapes, human rights abuses etc. that are carried out on a daily basis that we choose not to get agitated about. None of the world’s leaders are particularly moral in my opinion – only when it suits either economically, politically (which is ALL about power and control) or whatever. Please do not pretend that they are. And until you have been through the horror and trauma of losing someone to a terrorist attack how can you judge what will bring closure? It is a personal journey. What cracks me up the most about the reaction to this killing are the so called religious leaders (always male) who say it can’t be lawful. Good lord (no pun intended) when I think of the killings, loss of civil liberties and human rights that have been justified on the basis of religion and believe it or not that is just here where I live!!
    Streuth! I knew I shouldn’t have got into this but there is ALWAYS another viewpoint. I too had an uneasy feeling about the hypocrisy of this killing. But we are all hypocritical, some of us just have more power than others. And that other old maxim still has meaning – that if we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem.

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