Piers Morgan Talks to Simon Cowell; & did Moussa Koussa try to con the West?

Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell

Piers Morgan interviewed Simon Cowell the other night.  I’ve never been a fan of either men – I hated how arrogant and rude Piers was on America’s Got Talent – or was he on Idols?   He seemed to take pleasure in being as rude and cutting as possible, and destroying people.  Simon Cowell has always just seemed like an empty-headed egotist to me.  No personality.

Sigh.  Prejudices always say much more about you than they do about your target, don’t they?    Well, I’ve seen a different side of Morgan since he’s taken over from Larry King.  He’s not afraid to ask straightforward questions, but he’s showing a different, more humane side of himself, more personally vulnerable.

As for Simon Cowell, I saw a man who didn’t fit at all into my prejudice box.  He didn’t seem like a huge egotist after all, just a man who knew what he couldn’t do, and what he could.  He certainly isn’t empty-headed!  He admitted he has absolutely no performing talent, but that his forte is recognizing people who do – or who have that star quality.  People like Lady Gaga, I guess.

He said it isn’t necessarily phenomenal talent that makes a person a star, it’s the individuality and the desire and ability to express it.  I like that.  My favorite part of the interview, though, was when he talked about how Elton John had allegedly criticized him for single-handedly destroying the music industry, because unless somebody makes it in his show now, they don’t have a chance.  Cowell’s reply was that Elton John has enough money and resources to help as many people to become stars as he wants, so why doesn’t he do it?

I think he has a point.  Elton John has so much clout, and is so well-respected, a man of real stature in the industry, for good reason.  Imagine if he got a few of his buddies together and created a kind of scholarship program, where they helped people achieve their dreams and aspirations.  And imagine if it became cool for celebrity performers to participate, so the program just grew and grew all around the world.

One more: imagine if they didn’t make it about age, but just about a person being ready to learn how to express themselves richly and fully.  Think how that would change the music industry and create a completely new kind of balance and perspective.  Maybe I should write to Elton John.  It must be possible to find a contact address somewhere, at least for his agent.

Libya – Did Moussa Koussa Try to Con the West?

When Moussa Koussa first came to Britain, this time round, something just didn’t seem right.  Gaddafi wasn’t bothered, and put out the word that Koussa was there with his blessing because he was a sick old man.  I don’t know what he was really doing in England, but when I heard the other day that he was saying Libya must unite, that civil war would turn it into another Somalia, and then that he wanted to be part of a new government, my hackles rose.

And now he’s gone, and probably won’t come back to face that questioning that was going to happen over Lockerbie etc.  Clever guy.  What was he really doing?  Trying to con the West into letting him play a major role in a new government, after which he could just bring his ol’ pal Gaddafi back into power and everything would be hunky dory.   Don’t trust a person who won’t say I’m responsible and I’m sorry for what I did.


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