Lady Gaga and Doing it My Way – Well, doing it Her Way

I saw Lady Gaga interviewed on telly the other night, and was quite amazed at how down to earth she was.  She was just gorgeous.  Unpretentious, no power games.  One of the things she said which resonated with me was that you can’t do what other people want you to do when you want to follow a dream.  You have to follow your heart.

She wasn’t aggressive about it, or even egotistical, just matter of fact, it was refreshing.  I’d say she knows what she’s talking about.  She drew a strong boundary between who she is privately and her creative persona.  Just showbiz, that’s all.

Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she was born on March 28 1986 to a  Catholic Italian American couple who came from lower class families and worked for everything, something Lady Gaga is proud of.  She started playing piano at the age of 4 and wrote her first piano ballad at 13.  By age 14 she was performing at open mic nights.  This was a girl with a destiny and with fantastic entitlement.

Her memory of school is that she felt insecure because she was mocked for being too provocative and eccentric, so she toned herself down.  But she love acting, and was a disciplined, studious, dedicated student.  When asked about her spiritedness, she attributed it laughingly to the fact that she’s left handed.

When she was 17, she enrolled at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied music and wrote papers on art, religion, social issues and politics.  Plus an 80-page thesis on pop artists Spencer Tunick and Damien Hirst.   By the second semester she wanted to leave, to focus on her own career.  Her father agreed to pay her rent for a year on condition that if she failed she re-enrol.

She has said she found the cheapest apartment she could “and ate shit until somebody would listen” [Vanessa Grigoriadis, “Growing Up Gaga” New York, New York Media Holdings] (Source: Wiki)

Well, that was a smart choice.  Finding this out about her has changed my idea of her completely.  A lot of what she does doesn’t appeal to me, but I really love how she claims her space – and her freedom from fear.  Also, she seems to be a generous-spirited woman who’s smart and on top of her world.  She’s aware of social issues, is a philanthropist, has won plenty of awards, and is sincerely grateful for the support of her fans.

At one point the Catholic League attacked her for blasphemy – but all they succeeded in doing was to make her the first artist to get 1 billion viral YouTube views.  Mae West was also slammed by the group.   Hmmm, so that’s how you get fame.


2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and Doing it My Way – Well, doing it Her Way

  1. That’s not how you get fame, but it doesn’t hurt.:-) The way you get fame is by being extremely talented, and as you say, “doing it your way.” I love Lady Gaga, her attitude which represents the freedom to be who you are, despite the soul oppressing holier than though crowd, and her incredible work. Great article.

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