Brianna Popsickle’s Letters from a Suburban Prison

“That’s a great picture of your son on his horse,” I said cheerfully.  To which my doctor replied “that’s my wife.” Brianna Popsickle, on Awkward Moments.

What is it about life that nothing stays right all the time?  Or maybe the problem is with the idea we all seem to run off that life should be right all the time.  And that it is – for other people.  Just not us.  Or it could be if only we could find that magic rule book – and then understand it, of course.

Well, here’s the news.  No matter how perfect somebody’s life looks like from the outside, you can bet it’s not like that for them on the inside.  I know that because my friend and fabulous author Brianna Popsickle told me.  This is what she said:

“Two things.  You’re not crazy.  And that normalcy you’re searching for doesn’t exist.  Everyone is fighting their own demons, they just don’t talk about it…”

Somehow I find that kind of reassuring.  Not that I want everybody to suffer, just that I need to know I’m not the only one wrestling, with big things and small things.  Because the worst thing of all is to think we’re alone, we’re the ones who can’t get it right while the rest of the world sails into the sunset.  Perish the thought.

Well if you want to read a book about how right it is to be just you no matter what, and to feel reassured that the things you think only happen to you also happen to other people, read Brianna’s book Letters from a Suburban Prison. It’s her take on her own life so far.  As she says in her Preface:

“Women are complex creatures.  As little girls we grow up believing in fairytales and happy endings.  As we journey through life however, we realize it can be anything but.  Comedies and nightmares come to mind.

In Letters from A Suburban Prison, I’ve shared my thoughts and feelings on everything from childhood, romance, marriage and motherhood to mid-life crises and empty nesting.”

It’s the most inspiring, funniest, warmest, and most touching book I’ve read for ages and one that I know I’ll return to over and over again.  How does Brianna do it?  I don’t know.  Perhaps because she’s one of those people who really lives and lets life impact on her powerfully. Sometimes she’s hilarious – a great comedic writer with a truly dry sense of humor – and sometimes she gives you goose bumps and that lump in your throat.

Always she’s real.  Always she shows you that life, for all that it usually doesn’t go according to plan, and often throws terrifying curved balls at you, is still the most wonderful thing.  Letters from A Suburban Prison, an entertaining book with a big message from a big heart.   I couldn’t put it down.   To buy it click this link.  Or click on the book image above, or the photo below of the author.

One more thing.  The book is beautifully put together, with fantastic cover design by Kyle Weber.  It’s a treat in every way.


6 thoughts on “Brianna Popsickle’s Letters from a Suburban Prison

      • Hey you’re welcome! and thanks for your thanks! I still think we should do that connect thing on our blogs but I don’t quite have it figured out yet. I know a lot of those guys will love your stuff! Do you also find that people subscribe and read, but not many comment?

  1. Nico, all I can think of is the FB share button and both of us leaving comments on each other’s blogs. And yes, people read but not many comment. I don’t think it’s an indication of whether or not they like what they read, though.

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