Build Up To World War III? Why Can’t Men Just Go To Therapy?

Here’s something pleasant to think about.  According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, global military spending was an estimated $1,5 trillion in 2009.  The US spent $663,255,000,000 and China spent $98,000,000,000 whilst the UK spent $69,271,000,000.

I’ve been watching BBC, CNN and Sky News lately, and everybody’s arming themselves against enemies real and imagined.  I’ve seen repeated news clips of armies in Korea and Japan.  They’re very reminiscent of Nazi Germany.   Has anybody noticed that all these wars are being caused by men?  And all the fighting and killing is being done by men, too – men playing with dangerous toys, all remarkably phallic looking, by the bye.  Except in South Korea, where young women have joined the army.  All bright eyed and busy tailed, wanting to defend their country – from a real enemy, mind.  I wonder how patriotic they’ll feel when they have to blow somebody’s brains out.

Yesterday I watched live footage of soldiers in Afghanistan taking aim.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He had some kind of fancy gun, he took aim and he pulled the trigger.  He was shooting at real people.  There was no fear on his face or remorse.  Nothing.  Just kill the bastards.  Well, call me a coward but I couldn’t watch, so I don’t know what happened.

Everywhere I turn, I see reports of military preparation, guns and fighting, and it’s become so normal that I realized the other day I’d got to a point of not even questioning it.  This is how the world is and has to be.   But the reasons for it all are absolutely non-existent.  All of these countries have leaders.  All the leaders know how to talk.

All of them have secret services who know how to assassinate rivals.  So South Korea could send in a group of elite assassins and take Kim Jong-il and all his cronies out.  For that matter so could the CIA.  How many lives would that be?  But they can’t do that, because it’s murder.  Instead, both countries train up their young and vulnerable, arm them and pit them against each other.  And how many murders will that be?   But it’s okay to kill in war.  It’s even noble.

So what’s the real reason?  The military industrial complex.  Of which country?  I don’t know.  But I do know that the combined arms sales of the top 100 largest arms producing companies was about $315 billion in 2006, up from $30 billion in 2004.  Who makes all the armaments?   Surely not western countries?  Surely it’s the monsters of the Middle East, maybe Russia or China?  How about Korea?

Nope, they’re the ones who buy.  Well, of the top 20 defense contractors in 2008, UK has numbers 1 and 16.  Numbers 2-6, 9, 11-16, 19-20 are all US companies (14 out of 20).  Italy – number 8, France – number 10 and Russia – number 18.  So these guys make arms and sell them to the highest bidder I guess.   These are all Wiki figures, by the way.  According to human rights student Gaurav Virk 35% of US exports are hightech military aircraft, vehicles and telecommunications used by armed forces worldwide.

Well I guess that answers my question as to why leaders who want to destroy their neighbors and steal their land don’t get assassinated by the CIA.  It isn’t because murder is wrong.  Is this how things were before World War II?  Was the ordinary person in the street seeing it build up but hoping it wouldn’t really happen?   Problem is, now the toys that men are playing with could destroy the planet.  Apparently the US has enough nuclear power to destroy the world 8 times over (Gaurav Virk).  And Russia has twice what the US has.  World Nuclear Stockpile Report states that there are 8,190 operational nuclear warheads in the world.  2,200 (US and Russia) are on high alert.

Why can’t men just go to therapy?


4 thoughts on “Build Up To World War III? Why Can’t Men Just Go To Therapy?

  1. All about moral and economic superiority. You’re right, getting therapy would help tremendously, but like the alcoholic you have to get them to first admit that they have a problem before you can get successful treatment for it, and you might get your head blown off trying to get them there.:-)

  2. Yes – a crazy world, indeed. ‘All leaders can talk’… correct, but can’t communicate.
    The 2010 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is locked up in a Chinese gaol for talking about
    basic Human Rights or lack of, in China. He wrote the Charter 8 – its about Human Rights.
    He’s locked up for 11 years now…..
    Afghanistan.?….empty it of all women, and children – leave behind the men and blue burkas, let them get on with it…..without any foreign army or weapons….I wonder ? Nice thought, tho’ !

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