US Midterm Elections – Barack Obama’s Voice of Sanity

I’ve watched coverage of the midterms for the last couple of days on BBC, CNN and SkyNews.  At various times they all had interviews with prominent figures in politics, journalists, editors and political correspondents, both British and America.  I was looking for sanity.

One political correspondent said Obama had ridden in 2 years ago on a wave of unrealistic promises that he would solve all the problems.  What???   I heard Obama say over and over and over again “change will be painful.  Change will be difficult.  We have to do this together.”

It amazes me how “experts” filter out things so the picture they present of events isn’t accurate.  According to many, Obama is finished, he blew it, didn’t know what he was doing. The Tea Party is responsible for the Republicans’ win, and the next presidential elections are a slam dunk.

The American people have spoken – everybody loves that one!  Well, actually, quite a lot of Americans didn’t speak.  Doesn’t mean they didn’t have an opinion, or that they won’t vote at the next Presidential elections.

Then I watched President Barack Obama’s press conference and finally I heard the voice of sanity.  I saw a man with dignity, who wasn’t in the least bit defeated and who understood perfectly well what had happened.  He didn’t play to the media at all, he just spoke, and quite  solemnly.  When asked how he felt, he replied that he felt bad, not for himself, but because of how many really good legislators had stood their ground on important issues – and been voted out.  He paid tribute to them.

He went on to say that the way forward was for Democrats and Republicans to find common ground, and work together where they could.  With some issues there won’t be overall agreement, but there will be areas where agreement can be reached and it’s important to focus on them so that real progress can be made in fixing the economy.  I guess he was saying it’s important, for the health of the country, that we don’t bicker for the sake of power.

How sane can you get?  Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, he inherited an economic mess of gargantuan proportions that was created by Bush and a Republican administration.  To expect Obama and his administration to clean it up in two years is childish.

As I watched him I believed – as I always have – that he’s one of those rare presidents who isn’t in it for personal power.  Like Nelson Mandela.  Such men of vision have inner strength themselves, and know that change is painful.  They are willing to endure the pain in their own personal journeys – and have done so – but perhaps they have to learn that the general populace doesn’t have that kind of courage or ability to be self-accountable.

One thing somebody pointed out last night was that Republicans have to be really careful how they proceed now.  If they block too much, and are too unreasonable, they will make Obama look like the good guy, and the country will carry on going to the dogs.  So in two years time Obama and the Democrats will have a resounding victory!  Obama said that perhaps he had failed the people who voted him in by not reaching out enough to them.  We can be sure he won’t make that mistake in two years time.


2 thoughts on “US Midterm Elections – Barack Obama’s Voice of Sanity

  1. Like most progressive thinkers, you are living in a world that is about 2000 years behind the ideals that you dream of, as is Obama. As usual conservatives will block everything that he tries to do for the ordinary people for the next 2 years, they will blame it on socialist liberals, and there are many more people that feel Republicans are the party of God, fall for their propaganda, and will vote him out of office. Politics as usual. Best we can hope for is that Mr.Rock is right about the reincarnation thing, and that we will return in a much more enlightened time. “Here’s looking at ya kid”. 😉

    • 2000 years!! But here’s the thing, imagine if the Republicans block everything and the US goes to the dogs even more, then voters will blame Republicans, and Obama will be re-elected! That would make me laugh. Make me relieved too. These conservative Americans and their leaders wreak havoc on the whole world.

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