“Nokia Award Promo” Scam in South Africa and US Mid-Term Elections

Last night at 11:30 I got an sms which read: “congrat!!  Your phone no has won R250,000 on the NOKIA AWARD PROMO.  Your reference no is 0166p.  call 0782988202 from 8 am-6pm for your cash price”.   Idiots can’t even spell.   80% of me didn’t believe it last night but 20% thought “the nightmare could be over”.   How do you stop yourself hoping, “maybe it’s true, maybe I did win.  People do, all the time”?

I remembered Jim Carey’s story of winning a bike in a lottery he didn’t enter, when he was a child.  He said it opened his mind to the reality that we don’t have to create the great things that can happen to us.  He called it magic.   I had exactly the same experience as a kid.  I also won a bike in a lottery I hadn’t entered!

All that ran through my mind last night.   How could it not?   So I called the number this morning.  It was engaged, which means somebody was getting suckered right at that moment.  I know what they’ll say: “we need your bank account to deposit the  money”.  There’s no way I’d have given my bank account, but I hate them for abusing my vulnerability.  Bastards.

These scams have netted about $1 billion in the US, and 150 million pounds a year in the UK.  In 1997 the Nigerian scam earned $100 million in 15 months.   When I hear of people being scammed, I think “how could they have fallen for it?”   But if I’m honest, I understand.

The world is a frightening place sometimes, with people like this who have no ethic.  Nobody home.  They seem to be on the increase with the growth of technology, the decrease of privacy and the ease with which people can be reached.  They’re like some kind of virulent disease.     Even if you don’t have money in your account at the moment, once these guys have your bank account details they destroy the cellphone they called you from, and wait until you get a sizeable deposit.  Within seconds the money is gone.

And so are they.  I have very vengeful thoughts about people like this.  The detritus of society.

Breaking News: US Mid-Terms Elections

There’s been so much hype about how Obama is finished, and Republicans will rule again.  It quite drives me crazy that so many Americans refuse to accept that the state of the economy now is still the effect of past Republican rule.  I don’t know how many times I heard Obama say change would be very difficult.  People want change but they don’t want to take responsibility for it.  You do it, Obama.  We caused the problems, now you fix them.  Yesterday.

Anyway, Republicans, Conservative Christians and Tea Partiers make so much noise that they give the impression they’re incredibly powerful.  But the Rally for Sanity in Washington last weekend drew 210,000 people, as opposed to Conservative Graham Beck’s Washington rally some months ago, which only drew 87,000.   And last night I heard another voice of sanity.  It was noted that both Reagan and Clinton experienced mid-term rebellion.  And look how long they lasted.

So, I have faith that these conservative lunatics won’t actually carry the day in any really important way.  I care what happens in the US.  To me Barack Obama is the voice of sanity in today’s world.  I must admit, I have a bit of a crush on the man.


6 thoughts on ““Nokia Award Promo” Scam in South Africa and US Mid-Term Elections

    • It was last year, and it was a scam. Somebody phoned my mobile and asked for my bank details so they could deposit the money from the award they said I won. Only it was fake.

  1. I delight in, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be having a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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