WordPress Blog Makeover and the Rise of Conservativism

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Nothing like a makeover to brighten up your day.   WordPress has 103 themes to choose from.  Just click a button and you’ve got a new look.   Now just think about how long it takes to redecorate your house, not to mention your body.

Cyberspace – it can give you the immediate experience of translating an idea you have into reality without having to do all the time-consuming, costly and even painful labour.

The eternal cyberspace question is, however, will people like this change as much as I do, or will it make them turn away, because it’s too much information on one page.  Cyberspace Rule Number One Being Give People What they Want.  Apparently.

How that dovetails in with you can please some of the people some of the time etc. but you can’t please all of the people all of the time isn’t clear to me.  So which people do you choose to please, what if you choose the wrong group?   These Rules of how to be successful don’t really work, do they.

But I digress.   Sort of.   Three blogs on a page – that might be interesting for somebody who’s never visited before – providing of course the blogs are interesting in and of themselves.  Hmm.  But what about people who are reading regularly?  It would be like getting a daily newspaper and seeing what was in yesterday’s paper.  That wouldn’t work.   Well, it can be changed at whim.  Oh.  Cyberspace Rule Number Two.  Don’t keep changing.

Look, just for today, and maybe even tomorrow, let’s forget about the damn rules, shall we?  Makeovers are fun.  Change is exciting, and I do my best to write things that could have some kind of significance to some people and probably don’t to others, and that’s enough for today.

That’s enough directionless drivel for today, as well.

Breaking News

I watched an interesting interview on I think BBC last night.  An ex president of Portugal who now has some kind of official post in the UN – I know, this is slovenly of me, I should Google him and get my facts straight – was speaking about the resistance to immigrants in Europe, and the resurgence of ultra right-wing political groups who are creating political leaders.

I watched resistance to Mexican immigration  in the US, Arizona specifically, some months ago.  It happens here in South Africa, too – locals don’t want Zimbabweans.  Ostensibly the resistance is about holding onto jobs and keeping law and order nice and tidy, but that’s not really what it’s about.  It’s about shifting status quo, people afraid they’re losing what they had.

Scary.   Conservatism in the US, fundamentalist Christians, fundamentalist Muslims, right-wing neo Nazi groups in Europe, and way way over there in the distance – at least from where we’re standing – N. Korea.  Now there’s a Hitler for you, developing his muscle right under our noses.  It’s a red light pulsating, getting stronger and stronger.

What’s everybody so scared of?


4 thoughts on “WordPress Blog Makeover and the Rise of Conservativism

  1. Very nice new page. To answer your question, just what you said, they’re afraid of losing what they had and what they can have, kind of why they want to repeal the 14th amendment to the constitution which provides for equal protection under the law which was used to prohibit racial segregation, and give citizenship to those born in the U.S. even unto illegal immigrant status, which whitey is afraid is giving the Hispanic community to much political clout, and could totally change the domination of white society over the minority

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