Cyberspace – A Milieu of Empowerment

Cyberspace.   Still getting my head around how in some ways it’s just like the Wild West, where people can act reprehensibly without consequence, creating abuse industries that are marketed through the Internet.   With Internet Marketing, the Age of Information has become an Age  of words that have no foundation in truth but are presented as truth.  Google used to be a place where you could find knowledge.   You still can, but you have to wade through massive piles of junk to get to it.

But on one hand it’s let me venture out into the world again, and I’ve met some wonderful people who I never would have otherwise  just because of geography.  Some of those meetings have been like ships passing in the night, but others have turned into real solid friendships.

Then there are my friends from childhood who I’ve reconnected with in a very real way, establishing bonds that are even stronger now than they were then.  The internet has brought people into my world at a time I most needed them.   So I suppose in a way life has made love and connection available to me through the internet.  That’s pretty priceless, I’d say.

It’s also starting to be a place I can earn, and even start a business, once again without any capital at all.  I don’t particularly like the business – I’m going to be creating commercial sites and earning through Adsense – in fact I absolutely hate that internet business milieu.  But I am enjoying learning how to do it, and I get a sense of accomplishment from a completed site, even though I’m just using templates and following instructions.  For heaven’s sake, I’m even learning about html code!  Ha.

Plus it could lead to independence again, and that is worth more I have words to describe.  To have my life back, to have a car, decent underwear, new clothes.  To be able to look for a place to live where I can say to the landlord/lady “can I see your references please”.   To have a measure of control again over my material environment and be able to make choices that work for me.

Eventually I can use my knowledge to create a website with a blog that is a place to promote the e-books I have in mind, and who knows what else.  My scripts, singing, other people’s writings, maybe even that radio spot, a social site of some kind.

I’m a long way from that, but I can see the possibilities.  So I’m truly grateful for cyberspace and excited at how it can be a milieu of connection and  empowerment like no other.   The part that disgusts me – I’m going to have step around it, hold my nose.   Oprah interviewed some gorgeous African American man who said “you do what you have to do first, so you can do what you want to do”.

Not everybody has to do it that way, but I accept that I do, and I’m just going to get on with it.

I’m keeping this “donate” button up until my income is solid.  Til then, if you want to throw a few pennies in the hat, I’ll be eternally grateful.  Click the “donate” button, and follow the instructions.  Any amount you want.  Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Cyberspace – A Milieu of Empowerment

  1. Long as you don’t have to shoot me first, I’m rooting for ya! hehe Good luck girl, sounds like you’re on the right path. Actually it’s just 1 of the many paths you’ll go down to get to where you eventually want to be, but at least you’re walking, and you can’t get to point B without starting at point A. Good day.

    • May have to shoot myself! I think I’ve actually got achievable goals here, since I’m not aiming at first for a bleeding fortune, just a decent basic. I must be able to do that, I did it once before, and I didn’t have so many great friends rooting for me…

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