News As It Should Be: Modern Day Heroes

I don’t watch the news much, it’s so one-dimensional, and presents such a dramatically ugly and hopeless picture of the world.  I blame it on producers and the guys who make the money out of it.  They’ve decided bad news is good news for their bank balance, and so that’s what they give us.

Producers are often so ignorant, they don’t really have a clue about human nature, don’t really know what people want.  Probably they’re all neurotic as hell, and we just watch the outpicturing of their twisted psyches.  How many are there of them, and how many are there of us?  That dynamic always blows me away, how the few can so successfully manipulate the many.  It’s because we the many don’t demand what we want, and we think something – even if it’s ghastly – is better than nothing, so we don’t picket the bastards.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say “I absolutely LOVE watching the news, it’s all so incredibly fascinating, and makes me thrilled to be alive”.  Most people say they need to know what’s going on in the world around them.  I do it too – can’t stomach it for long, though.

Because the news doesn’t give us an accurate picture, it just gives us a one-sided picture and a pretty grim one at that.   But every now and then something inspiring and quite wonderful makes it to the headlines, and last night was one such night.  The BBC reported the first moments of the rescue operation getting through to the miners in Chile.  They’d been trapped 2,300 ft underground for 66 days – the longest any group of miners has been trapped.

Apparently the sound of the drill making its way through the earth to them would have been like 20 helicopters right close to them.  For 24 hours a day, 66 days, the rescue team worked non-stop.  Nobody knew if everything would just collapse on the miners.  For the rescuers this wasn’t about money, this was about people.

But all is well, so far, anyway.  Now the rescue shaft has to be reinforced before they can be brought out.  Another 48 hours to go and then freedom.

The story was movingly told.  Everybody was so heavily invested in wanting to keep the miners alive and free them.  The BBC reporter was overjoyed and very emotional, reporting about human triumph and modern day heroes, it was beautiful.  News that makes you aware of how much the human race has going for it.

News as it should be.


2 thoughts on “News As It Should Be: Modern Day Heroes

  1. Nice Jennifer. FCC used to require 2 sources, confirmation, and rebuttal to air a news piece as legitimate. The internet, and cable tv, changed all that. Major news could no longer compete with instant gratification, lobbied congress, and got the rules changed during the Reagan administration so they could continue to compete. Shortly thereafter the news departments became for profit and had to compete with entertainment for dollars, which means ratings. So actually it is you and I in need of instant gratification that changed the way news is presented today. It’s nice to think people want the truth and feel good stories, but they really want only to hear what they want to hear and ratings prove a train wreck far out paces, there was a wonderful bazaar tonight. So we really can’t shoot the messenger, without shooting ourselves first. Now that would be news. Sorry. I wish it were different, if it was, they would sell it to us.

    • That’s very interesting, David. Sad but interesting! I’m going to stick up for some of us, though. I rarely buy a newspaper but when I do I skim the headlines for human interest good news stories. I don’t watch the TV news because I don’t like all that instant grat violence crap. And I don’t think I’m the only one – I have a sneaking suspicion you’re one of us too 🙂 I bet if some news channel were to take a risk, and give all of us who don’t want crap – and even reject it – something different the outcome would surprise everybody.

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