Got Egypt on my Mind – Virtual World vs the Physical World

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Today I’ve been thinking about my trip to Egypt, and what a powerful and exciting experience it was.  It was such an evocative trip that filled every part of me hankering for new and exciting stimulus.    Sailing down the Nile, stopping at the most magnificent, awe-inspiring temples, camel-riding and being spat on – great experience! – haggling with creepy Egyptian men who always won, staying in the hotel where Agatha Christie wrote Death on the Nile.

Thinking about it made me realize how most of my experience these days happens in my head.  Just over a year ago, I knew virtually nothing about the internet – that’s a good pun, ha! – and used my ancient computer as a typewriter.  Didn’t have internet at home, and absolutely hated internet cafes or the ones that were close to me, anyway.  Rap music, dark, gloomy décor if you can call it that; people playing video games out loud or yelling to some friend or enemy over skype.

Internet – nah, not for me.  Internet friends?  Pallleeease, I scorned the concept.  Turns out I was just scared of it.  Thought it was something I couldn’t understand.  Well, I was partly right!  But in the last year I’ve covered some ground, and now the internet is like my umbilical cord.  I get up in the morning and switch on, and first thing I do is open my email.

I’ve made new friends, connected with old, created a blog that’s getting quite reasonable traffic and response, set up a foundation for my writing, found a way to begin with my singing.   It’s even a place where I can earn a living and build another business.  I haven’t needed money or a car.  So the internet has opened up a whole world for me that I didn’t have before, and I’m very excited about it and grateful for it.  Have to be grateful.  But I’ve realized lately that virtual life on its own isn’t enough life.

Physical life is much slower and can be cumbersome, but there’s nothing to beat the all-inclusive all-round thrill of it. This morning I went out back, where there’s a wild garden built on a steep slope.  I stood there, breathing in the early summer air, and watching sailboats in the bay playing around in the breeze.   I remembered sailing in the felucca.  Mmm.  Egypt.  It’s really on my mind again.

As for virtual versus physical, I’ve been letting the virtual replace the physical, because you know it’s also safe.  But it’s not enough on its own.  I also want real, physical life.  I can feel myself getting ready for some adventure here.  Egypt, here I come again!

In general, this blog is about the pursuit of dreams.  Mine are to establish myself as a vocalist, script & blog writer & novelist, & to earn by doing something meaningful.   If you’d like to help me in that, click the “donate” button (the amount is up to you).  To read more about my dreams, click here


4 thoughts on “Got Egypt on my Mind – Virtual World vs the Physical World

  1. Ooo, the spat thing has me cringing. Guess when you have little esteem you need to spat on something. Hence worship of a self aggrandizing religion, but enough on that. Yes virtual does sometimes seem so overwhelming as to usurp the physical, but safe, not so sure about that one, I’ll just have to trust you on that. It is so refreshing however to get physical after a long go on the machine though. Think I’ll go mow my grass now, ahh. Good day.

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