Who says the truth sets you free? Where dreams come true…Anybody know Michael Buble? Oprah?

Hopefully you can listen to this on audio.  click the following link: 1st blog audio sept 12 2010 If you like it, I’d love you to share it with your FaceBook friends.  Well, any friends, actually.  Anybody know Michael Buble?  Oprah?  The transcript is below, minus, of course, the bits of singing.

This blog marks the start of a pretty grand dream, using a funky old PA system and computer to record.  When I worked out how to do this, grandiose visions blossomed in my head of perfect songs emerging first time round;  instant world fame; recording labels jamming up my phone lines and internet connection; blog going viral overnight and Michael Buble stopping whatever he was doing and yelling “gotta sing with that woman!! Who the heck is she?”

Ha ha – it isn’t going to happen, folks.  Ooh, daunting thing listening to your own voice for the first time.   I thought I had excellent pitch.   Eugh.  No control at all.  Oh.   Now I sympathise with people who sing karaoke so horribly!  One teeny tiny consolation is – oh.  There isn’t one!.

Even talking and not sounding voice tense or boring is difficult.   I have renewed respect for people who do this and make it sound easy.   I’m sure I can whip my voice into shape within the next ten years.  Okay, maybe twenty.  Well look, definitely thirty.  Forty without a doubt.  Fifty – tops.   By then I’ll be in the grave.   What would I sing?  How about cemetery blues.

Well that’s cheerful, Jennifer, what a great way to start.  Actually, it doesn’t matter how / where you start, it just matters that you start.   And of course that you don’t let anything stop you.  You just put one foot in front of the other and travel along your chosen road.

So.  Here’s to having overcome the first round of challenges which I thought were insurmountable and it turns out they weren’t.  I seriously didn’t believe I could work out how to record using my computer.  Mind you there was a time when I thought I couldn’t work out how to use an electric drill either.

So here’s to the next lot of obstacles, yay, love those obstacles.  Gaaad.   It’s rough when your dream is to be a singer and your obstacle is the way you sing.   V. funny, Universe.  Who was it said the truth sets you free?  It’s absolute bollocks of course.  We all know that.

Just kidding.

1st blog audio sept 12 2010

In general, this blog is about the pursuit of dreams.  Mine are to establish myself as a vocalist, script & blog writer & novelist, & to earn by doing something meaningful.  I need help with some things.  Click here to read more about my dreams and what I need.


14 thoughts on “Who says the truth sets you free? Where dreams come true…Anybody know Michael Buble? Oprah?

  1. Hmmm, I’m puzzled as to why you think your voice is not good. Sounds very cool to me. Also really like the way you sound ‘talking’ what you wrote. Next time sing a full song for us, OK?

    • Joyce, thanks for this! And you’ve no idea how good that word “cool” sounds to me! As for the song, yes, I’m working on “Life on the other side”, and I’m going to see if I can download backing tracks and sing to them.

  2. Wonderful job Jennifer. Joyce is right you do have a beautiful voice. I would love to hear a full song too. Do everything unto God and let Him perfect the end results, they will only be for the good of all concerned, not necessarily the way we want them. God bless

  3. Interesting experiment. You have a great speaking voice. Must be the South Africa thing, which sounds to us Americans like an English dialect, but reminds me of Virginia McKenna in the 1966 film, Born Free. You could also be a war time propagandist , like Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally. Not making any judgments, just saying you have that voice that would work under such a situation.

    • Hey, Greg: a war time propagandist??! I love the idea, and have already created a movie in my head about it! I don’t know who Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally are, but I’m going to find out. Love the names, especially Tokyo Rose.

  4. Well Done, J!! You sound great, really cool – nice voice, you should work with radio…
    I’d love to hear more singing.
    O its SO good to hear you after all these years, with a very slight American twang.
    You’re just incredible – more please.

  5. Jenn that was absolutely wonderful, and adorable, I might add. I am now a proud subscriber to your wonderful blog, and am patiently waiting for more. You know that English/African accent melts an American man’s heart. Shame on you girl! You better be glad you live across the ocean, or you might be receiving that midnight knock on your window pane. 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hii Jennifer,

    We are online friends from a long time & I was literally amazed by hearing your voice for the first time. It was the sweetest & adorable thing I ever heard.

    Definitely your blog is awesome & this new way of communication would be really great for all your readers to get close to your thoughts !!!

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