Morning coffee and looking for news that’s marvelous – here’s to life!

Drinking my morning coffee, I logged onto to see if anything interesting is happening around the world.   Well, depending on your definition of interesting, yes and no.   My word, the news channels are depressing, it’s really weird.   Don’t any of them want to do something different?

Apparently not.   Does anybody really enjoy that stuff?   I seriously wonder.   I channel hopped between Sky News, CNN, E-TV, BBC last night.   Nada.   Just gloom and doom, violence, disaster.   You’d think there was nothing good going on anywhere.

The world seems so full of angry people.   Personally I’ve got nothing against anger, I think it’s very helpful, so long as you process it.   Bottling it doesn’t make it onto my list of clever things to do with it.   Expressing it in private, yes, top of the list.  Hurting somebody else with it by dumping on them or making them my scapegoat?   Third last on the list, just above bottling.  Just staying angry?   Right at the bottom.   What a monumental waste of a life.   Just covering angry, scary horrible events as a journalist, or news channel – ditto.

If I had big resources, I’d start a news channel that only exposed what’s flipping marvelous about life.   Plus, there’d be none of that crappy, cheesy special effects stuff on the screen, and the newsreaders wouldn’t be smarmy.   I bet it would work.   Hey, look at Oprah.   She didn’t get so popular and successful by preaching and covering gloom and doom.

Well, since I couldn’t find anything exciting to read, I went flipping through things I’ve written, and found an article I wrote about The White House Correspondent’s Association dinner held some time in May.   Ha!   That lifted my spirits.   It’s an annual do where the President and a bunch of celebrities and journalists all hang out together looking smart and being funny.   Started in 1920, it used to be a men-only thing until one sassy journalist, Helen Thomas, bullied John F. Kennedy to boycott the dinner unless women were allowed.   Love those sassy American women.

Jay Leno and Obama entertained the crowd sniping at themselves and each other with great good will.   I think Obama would have made a great stand-up comedian.   He’s funny, his wit is incisive, he’s pretty well-informed (go figure), he’s as smart as a tack, and he’s got a great smile.

Now that’s entertainment.   Watching him talk about anything makes me feel good.   Hmm, clearly I have a crush on the man.  Move over Robert de Niro and Jack that’s-not-your-real-name.   Well, coffee’s finished.   I’m off to the beach.   Here’s to life!

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