When what you need is right under your nose

I let myself rest my voice for a couple of days just doing basic exercises and nothing more, while I blundered through dark clouds and metaphorical fog banks and wrestled with maniac toll gate.  Today I sang again, and could hear how much stronger my voice was.  You have to let it rest.  Keep forgetting that and giving in to inner mass hysteria mustn’t waste any more time.

I wrote a blog about having what you need right under your nose but not realizing it (click here if you want to read it).  It seems I forgot my own wisdom, because today I hauled out my bottom of the range el cheapo PA system today and belted out They all laughed.  Put the volume right up.  Whoo boy!   Singing was absolutely divine experience.

Then I saw that PA has a  rec. out.   I’m so dense, I don’t even know what that means.  Well, thanks to the wonder of modern technology – the telephone – I Found Out.  As it happens all I need is a cable to connect my funky PA system to my less funky computer.   The cost?  Four lovely dollars!   Four dollars!!

So I can lay tracks, record over them – which means create harmony, play guitar and piano and make my own rudimentary backing tracks then record the melody.   Might be a slight hitch in that my sound card might not like editing software so may have to get decent sound card.  And none of this will be great quality, but hey it’s a start and I can at least play around.  Whoopee.  I’m off to the shop to buy lovely cable and maybe some dark chocolate with orange bits and almonds, to celebrate.

A good sound card for computer plus excellent editing software and a nice mic costs about $500.  The best mic costs $15,000.  Hilarious.  One day, honey, but not today.  We just do what we can today with what we’ve got.  It’s bound to lead to the next step.  I wonder what else is right in front of me that I’m not seeing?  Nice thought, that it’s all there, just waiting for me, v. patiently, not going away, ready for when I’m ready.   Ha! I’m as happy as a pig in shit.

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