Make love not war

Yesterday I read an article by somebody who wanted Christians to take arms against the invasion of Muslims.  Well, nothing new there, isn’t that what the Crusades were all about?  I don’t know why some Christians and Muslims are so self-righteous about their religions, they don’t have particularly all-embracing peace love power beauty and joy philosophies or histories.  It’s more like kill the bastards.

It all comes back to I’m right and you’re wrong – phew, it’s totally exhausting.  I understand the desire to wage war, of course I do.   My pillow’s looking pretty ragged, and quite a number of old telephone books have gotten torn up, thrown around and stamped on, then sent to telephone book heaven.  My vocal chords and imagination have been well exercised in thinking of and yelling obscenities when nobody’s around.  My room looks like hurricane city when I’m done expressing.   Clothes and soft things all over the place – nothing broken, though.

If I didn’t do it, I’d be wanting to engage in combat all the time.  This way that war energy gets dissipated, leaves me free to go nosing around, looking for love instead.  Love and real pleasure.  They’re looking very attractive these days oh yes.  So if Christians and Muslims, Catholics and Protestants, Buddhists and others, Republicans and Democrats, want to engage in war of some sort or another, however subtle or gross, I guess they’re welcome.  Whatever floats your boat.

Lately I’ve realized something.  Even when I get very angry with somebody, if I listen to what I need, I never ever need to hurt them.  Ever.  I need to know that I’m okay, that I’m deserving of love, protection, support, whatever.  Sometimes I have to listen real hard, though, to get to that need that’s at the core of my heart.  It always tells me I don’t want war, I want love.

So, I’m not even going to fight the people who are making war.  Because what I really need is to know I can look for something different.  I can busy myself with being on the hunt for pleasure, fulfillment, satisfaction, and love, the giving and the taking.  Peace, love, power, beauty and joy, in short.  That’s where I’m setting my sights.  If for nothing other than that it’s the place I sing from the best.  Body relaxed, vocal chords working the way they’re supposed to.  Yes, make love not war.   For me, it’s enough of the war now.

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