Life is for Living – Spreading Some Joy Around

Ooh, listening to Faith Hill singing Secret of Life. Yeehah.   This is what I love about country singers; they aren’t cool, they’re hot and passionate.   The music is real simple, nice harmonies.   Blues is simple, also, and old jazz standards.   Music of the heart.   Love the heart stuff.   I’ve decided this is the year of the uncool, the down and dirty hot.

Yesterday I saw a bit of the Ellen DeGeneres show and caught the end of her and Oprah shooting three O Magazine covers.   I didn’t get the whole story, but got enough to make me dance around for joy and fun.   Oprah was wearing a fabulous – whoo, got to get an electric guitar! – glamorous red dress.   She looked so beautiful; voluptuous, full to bursting of the pleasure of being alive.  They had a ball together.  The theme was Spread Some Joy Around.   The cover was all creams and whites and golds, with Oprah in her red dress laughing, full of light inside.

It was so infectious.   After the shoot she’d taken off all her make-up and the beautiful dress and spoke to the world just as she was: not glamorous but still excited, shining.   Oprah knows how to have fun in the best sense of the word, I love her for that, and she embraces people with it.   She illustrates how generous life can be.   I felt positively bathed in it.

Oprah doesn’t judge materialism, she lets it have its importance, admits she loves it.   Plus, she doesn’t just preach about it, she does it.   Spreads her own joy around.   She also knows there’s something else.   That’s what I want.   Both.   Why not?    Ascetism and suffering and abjuring the world don’t work for me.   I want to wear a beautiful red dress and have makeovers and look glamorous before the cameras, and just have fun fun fun with it.   And also have fun without it.   It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Months after Oprah and Ellen shot that cover about spreading some joy around, the images made their way half way across the world to an apartment at the bottom of Africa.   Still whooping it up and resonating with the pleasure of it.   Thanks darlings for doing it!   The song playing now?   There she stood, in the street, smiling from her head to her feet.

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