Needing and wanting that mentor, and obsessing about Michael Buble

I’ve been posting articles about singing, which seems a bit dumb, really, should just be singing.   Funny thing, I’m getting great feedback and encouragement to pursue my singing dream, but everybody’s also saying you’re a writer, whatever you do, don’t give it up! So when I sing, if I compose songs about my writing, then everybody will say do the writing if you want, but hey, you’re a singer!

I look forward to the day.  I’m still obsessing with wanting a singing mentor.  The universe is being particularly stubborn about this.  Clearly am not spiritual enough.  I added it up the other day; when I first tried to reconnect with my voice a few years ago, I approached 12 potential mentors.  Bloody 6 of them were teachers, and I paid to have lessons with them.  Not one of them had any flipping enthusiasm or vision, or even sense of humor.   Sour and dour inside.

So where are the good ones?   Hallo??   I just want one.   Could it be that you have to start actually doing it in the world before the mentors can see you?   Hmmm.   Grumble.   That’s what I want the damn mentor for, to help me get to that place. Lots of people are saying just do it anyway, and the right person will come into your world.

Maybe, maybe.   So, have to put that plan together for the equipment to record to put singing on blog and other sites, and have to a few songs together, go and sing at an open mic night.  Which means getting car fixed.   It’s a start, in real time, and at least has a chance of going somewhere other than just in my imagination.   Sick of doing things in my head.

People generally aren’t responding to Paypal donate.   I was hoping they’d read and want to donate small amounts, but they don’t.   Maybe it’s not focused enough.   The problem is, the topic is about my journey in recovering from a big financial crisis, figuring out what they hell I was doing wrong, and reclaiming my life and my dreams.   But because I’m writing about day to day things, one blog won’t tell anybody the whole picture.   Hmmm.   Need solution.   Of course, there’s the off chance that my story doesn’t appeal to anybody or that  I shouldn’t be asking for help and god is punishing me.   Bugger that.

Well it’s Friday, and my week’s planning is up to shit.   Really not effective at this at all.   So the weekend is going to be spent in: A)  costing recording equipment and fixing car; and B)  making 2 plans, one for singing, one for writing, figuring out how I can do both.   Not going to: daydream, obsess about Michael Buble, watch too much educational TV, pay attention to inner critic, spend too much time sweeping floor and washing dishes.

Oh wait, must wash dishes, and what’s wrong with obsessing with Michael Buble anyway.   Imagine having him as a mentor…

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3 thoughts on “Needing and wanting that mentor, and obsessing about Michael Buble

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