Building a Dream and Taking advice from Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan

Still got the image of that wretched piano player leaning against the wall looking cool, saying “don’t get angry with me, I took the trouble to come and apologize.   I’m only human”.   GRRRR.   Well, I’m going ahead today with checking out home recording options, but I still want a piano player, just one who keeps his / her word.   Someone who’s having fun with it.

Anyway.   Time management not as effective as it could be.   Every day I do vocal exercises and sing along, blog, Searchwarp and friends, whatever work I can, so that’s in place.   Also sometimes eat, sleep, exercise and watch educational TV.   But script, piano, crime novel and bio are languishing.   Plus have started e-book which is potential best seller, and I need to get it finished.   It’s all a bit of a mess in my head.   Frankly.

I know what’s needed.   Long-term, interim and daily plans.   Have to spend time figuring out plan.   Damn, time already at a – what’s that word when there’s not enough of something?  Premium.   Calm, don’t need to conquer Rome in a day.   Right, so there are two sections: music and writing.

1)    exercises and vocal development;
2)    sing along with great vocalists;
3)    pick 30 songs from 100 that I’ve written music written out for in my key and work on them;
4)    already have rudimentary jazz piano, so need to build on it, plus practice classical more;
5)    watch movies, dvd’s etc. of musicians;
6)    check out home recording equipment;
7)    read about musicians and history of early jazz and jazz standards (library);
8)    find out about stage dancing (for fun, for stage presence etc.);
9)    put notice in library “looking for piano player”;
10)  make broader appeal for help?  (use blog, contact radio stations round world, journalists).

CRASH!   What, what?   What if they think I can’t sing?   What if they laugh at me?

Ackshally, I have an answer for that.   On America’s Got Talent semi-final the other night, some country singer made it through, and all three judges – yes, even Piers Morgan – said it wasn’t because he sang fantastically, because he didn’t, but he still deserved to win.   Sharon Osbourne said a lot of the greats didn’t/don’t have great voices.   It’s not about how good you are, it’s how much you want it, how much your heart is in it.   So how much do I want it?

More than I have words for.   So, I’ll make out a plan for this week for music, and a broad outline for writing.   And now I’m getting on with the action part of my day.   Thanks, Sharon Ozzy Osbourne, Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff.   Obviously, I want my voice to be as good as it can be, and I’m always going to revere truly stunning voices, but whatever I’ve got, it has to be enough.

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