Musical Options – enough of the stupidity choices

What’s that saying?   Mess me around once, shame on you.   Mess me around twice, shame on me. Something like that.    Wait, there’s another one.   Stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

Since I’ve got back on the road of singing, with the aim of getting out into the world with it, I’ve picked up exactly where I left off when I gave up last time.    I went back to the same teacher, who had the same uninspiring effect on me.

And the other day I met a musician who once played piano with me a couple of years ago, and offered to do it regularly.   We even talked about working together.   Never happened – because they kept not pitching.   Every time I saw them they’d say let’s do this and every time I’d think “this is the only opportunity I’ve got”.   Every time I’d wait.   Shame on me.

But the other day, wouldn’t you know it, we made a time to meet this morning at 11.00.   Yesterday I did the required head-smack!  They’re not going to pitch, honey, I told myself.   I was wrong, they did pitch, a couple of hours late and said very charmingly “don’t shoot me I’m only the piano player”.   Ha ha.   V. funny.

People who mess you around, they’ve got always got an excuse, they’re always so charming and rational about it, and there’s always an underlying threat how unreasonable of you to be angry with me.   This is what my brother does, get that Freud.

I said I’m not doing this any more, and I wasn’t v. friendly.   The excuse?  “I forgot” and “I’m only human”.   Funny how some humans always manage to be on time, and if they’re late or aren’t coming they find a way to tell you in advance.   They don’t forget, they don’t mess you around.

Anyway, doesn’t matter, learned my lesson once and for all.   Interesting how I’ve got the same people in my world.   But here’s the good thing.   Back then I believed I didn’t have other options.   Now I know I have.   So I’m walking away, not coming back here again.   I started again where I left off, but I’m moving on this time instead of giving up.

Vocalist Carol Mashigo (look for her on FB)  read my blog yesterday and told me about bedroom producers.   Hmmm.   Get your mind out the gutter, they’re people with home recording equipment, and are a lot cheaper than official studios.   James Bond also talked about home recording.   So I’m going to follow that idea.   Why don’t I become a bedroom producer?    Mmm, maybe Michael Buble needs someone to – uh – record for him.

Right.   Anyway, v. excited about this.   Still don’t have money to buy anything, but am getting clearer about what I need.  And for now that’s the most important thing.   Love the idea of home recording studio, imagine the fun.   Can make audio files of my blogs.   It’s so divine when an idea door opens that has prospect  and allows your imagination to flex itself.

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