Heaven on Earth, Nirvana and Elevated Brain Waves

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Here’s the latest news about being spiritual.  Meditation is the Only Straight Gate, through which you have to pass to reach heaven.  Nirvana, sorry.  Apparently they’re not the same thing.

How do we know this?  According to somebody whose name I forget, when you meditate your brain waves do something jolly, which means you’re becoming more spiritual.   And they don’t do that when you go to therapy.   Therapy is a total waste of time if you want spiritual advancement.

The thing is, there’s no doubt meditation makes you feel peaceful and in harmony, but is that what being spiritual is?  Maybe yes, maybe no.   As for what your brain waves do when you’ve had a significant therapy session, who knows?   Nobody’s measured mine.  And what about when love happens, or a musician plays an exquisite piece of music, or somebody takes a stroll along the beach, or two friends have fun together?  Nobody measures those people’s brain waves.

There’s never any real substance to any argument that says “I’m right and you’re wrong”.   Even this one I’m making.  Maybe the guy’s right.  It’s okay, I don’t mind being wrong on this.

Meditation works for some people, and I respect that.  So does Catholicism – that’s a little harder for me to respect, because of my own experiences, and so does materialism – which is very hard for me to respect, given my current situation, and what I believe about life.  Doesn’t make me right, though, on either count.

Right or wrong, I prefer to believe there’s room for everybody and that one isn’t better than the other, they’re just different – on the outside, that is.  Probably at the core, we all want the same thing, we’re all heading in the same direction.   Aren’t we all human?

Off the subject, re my plan, am doing vocal exercises and singing every day, and piano is tuned.  Recording studio man, and Michelle Maxwell, both seem to be dead end.  Emailed demo CD and backing track man, and will seem him possibly next week.  Shure SM58 mic costs about $200, and a sony digital voice recorder $56.   A digital grand piano which has weighted keys so it plays like a real grand, and has a thousand electronic capacities, including recording, burning CDS, mixing: $2900.  Hmm.

I don’t have the money for any of it yet but it’s good to have the info.  I want to put my voice on my blog, so I’m making that a priority.  Thought I had a really nice ghost-writing job yesterday, oh heaven!  Alas I didn’t get it.  Well, thanks to wonderful friends and some work I’ve been able to do, I’m okay for food and rent etc. for the next 6 weeks, so am free from worry.

It’ll work out.  Having the dream to be a vocalist and be on stage and sing with Michael Buble is important, but actually singing, even if it’s just exercises, or singing along with somebody – Sarah Vaughan today – is when everything seems possible.  I think the pleasure of the doing is what carries the dream forward.  It’s not at all a superficial thing, it’s a real body-soul connection that comes alive.  Heaven on earth.

I’m sure it elevates my brain waves.  They become beta alpha.  V. funny.


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