The World’s Obsession with Chocolate and It’s Okay To Ask

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The other day, I had mammoth traffic to this blog.  Couldn’t figure it out.  Then I realized.  The world has an obsession with chocolate, and the word was in my title.  So all those people looking for chocolate got my blog instead.  I wonder what they thought.  Nobody left a comment.  Nobody left me any virtual chocolates on my pillow.

Thinking about the woman who was lost at sea for so long.  She narrated the documentary, and said the whole time she longed to be rescued.  It didn’t stop her doing what she needed to do to survive, but there was a part of her that thought her best chances were with a rescue.

She didn’t get it.  But she got to land, and she survived to tell the tale and rebuild her life.   I take strength from that.

I read a great article by Searchwarp author Fran Larson, about lending or giving money to people who ask you.  The first half of the article is quotes that say you mustn’t – which made my heart stop.  Oh no, I’ve done the wrong thing, I shouldn’t have put Paypal donate etc. on my blog.  Crushing inner persecution.  Idiot!  Loser!  Gaaah.  I’m going to be burned at the stake, my life is over my dreams are dust.  Scorned and reviled I shall be.

Then bless her heart, the next half of the article is quotes contradicting the first ones!  Whew!  Life back on track, it’s okay to ask for what you need.  Spent the next hour letting myself imagine a whole community getting together to support me because they thought I and my dreams were worth it.  You have to let yourself visualize those things.   I’ve never been able to get past “go” on that one before all the head messages crowded in, shouting “not you!!! This is for other people, who deserve.”   It’s been v. frustrating.

So it’s progress, right?   If you want to read Fran’s article, click here.


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