Armani Mania and the Sunny Side of the Street

Woke up early this morning planning to go to the city.  Took the train, excited at  prospect of city life!  Cosmopolitan whatever!  Fashionable clothes!  Alas, yes, I am a superficial woman.   Oh it was bliss.   Not the train ride, that was pretty revolting, but being in the city.   Lots of foreigners, lots of 2010 excitement.   Sunny day, not a cloud in the sky.

Enjoying my non apology inner culture.  I stepped out smartly, with not a care.  This is my life, yes it is.   I treated myself to coffee and decadent croissant with jam and butter in a bookshop café and made a mess of the table in true Italian style.  Then glutted on Vogue magazines, read about New York culture and Robert de Niro’s Tribeca film festival.  Hi Bob!  Looking forward to meeting you.

OMG, all those beautiful clothes.  I have to add something to my list of what I need – a  dressmaker’s dummy.  If I can’t buy Armani, I can at least make stylish clothes until…  However, I can’t make my own perfume.  How many years have I not had any?  I’d say about 8.  I swanned into a perfumery and there it was right before my eyes, Armani Mania.  Oh blissful heaven.  I sprayed some on me, ignored the nosy salesperson and swanned out; so this is what it’s like to feel like a woman.  I felt beautiful and not in the least bit poor in any way.

Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep.  Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street… That’s a song, by the way.   I used to walk in the shade, with my blues on parade.  But I’m not afraid!  This rover crossed over.

If I never have a cent I’ll be rich as Rockefeller, gold dust at my feet on the sunny side of the street – hold your horses!   Not going to make that deal!   Nothing can get in the way of me enjoying my life, but I’m going to wear those beautiful clothes, that gorgeous perfume, I’m going to let myself be and feel like a woman, and I’ll sing on that stage.  Oh, and I need something else.  To record songs that I can put on my blog.

Life is very different when you stop apologizing and when you have a plan.  Action!

Right.  See that “Donate”  button?  Yesterday I was able to finally say “I need help to fulfill my dreams.”  If you are reading my blogs, or just reading this one, and feel you’d like to contribute to keeping me alive while I work on the fulfillment of my dreams, I’ll be more grateful than I know how to tell you.   Yesterday’s blog tells you what my plan is.  Blogs before that tell you how I got here.   Any amount, no matter how small, will be wonderful.  If you want to do it, click on the Donate button and follow the instructions.  BTW I don’t get to see any of your banking details.


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