How Much Do You Want It?

I just realized how when people talk about something that bothers them I sometimes give advice.   I believe I’m doing it with the best intentions, but truth?  I’m just not really listening to them, I’ve gone directly to “let me fix this” mode.  I’m offering rational thought when a) they didn’t ask for it and b) it may not even be useful.  Imagine if they follow my advice, and it turns out to be wrong for them.  Oops, sorry, didn’t think it through all that well.

Ackshally, advice is a bit of a control thing.   Probably got something to do with the fact that their emotional state, or their ideas or whatever have pressed my buttons, make me uncomfortable.  Instead of saying “ooh, this makes me uncomfortable” I say “you’re doing it wrong”.    Okay, that’s enough now, I know I’ve been a bad girl.

People are looking for an emotional response when they reach out.  If they want advice they know how to ask for it.   Bit of a wake-up call, to see that I do what I don’t like other people to do to me.  Oh.  Right.  Life’s lesson number six thousand two hundred and fifty one.  Pick a number.

And that’s enough being spiritual for today.   I dug up a collage I made a few years ago, when I first started re-singing.

It’s pretty, huh?   Lousy photo, though, I know.   I did it as part of a lecture series given by Robin McCaan of the Human Potential Development Center.   The homework?   Pick something you desire, and make a collage.   I didn’t have a preconceived idea, really, just started looking at magazines.  I was astonished at how this picture developed before my eyes, didn’t even know that that was what my desire was about.

Scared the hell out of me.  I want that much?  I want it that bad?  Lord, to get that dream I have to step so far out of my history that I’ll step right off the planet.  I’ve got one part right.  The woman sitting on the steps drinking coffee.


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