Susan Boyle, Mickey Mouse and I

I’ve been reading older posts – gaaahhh!  Painful to read.  Whoo.  Grappling in the dark.

Pregnant Pause.

The celebrity I wrote about yesterday whose helping hand I want is Patricia Lewis.  I naively thought I could find her contact details on the web.  Right, well that didn’t happen.  Don’t seem to be any contact details for the show even, though they’re going to be auditioning pretty soon for the next season.  Must be able to find her somewhere.

Surely the Universe will arrange it.  Which will be a Sign that am on the right spiritual path.  Or career path.  Or even material path.  I’ll take any path I can get.  Just not the Poverty Path.  Been there done that.  Still there doing that, look forward to – oh that’s enough of this paragraph.

Shall be South Africa’s version of Susan Boyle.  Or else, to quote brilliant friend, shall be South Africa’s  Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. You know the bit where he is the Sorcerer’s apprentice and all the household bits go bananas and chase him around the kitchen. So there you are being pursued by brooms and kettles and saucepans and wooden spoons and even ironing boards BUT you are still holding on to your mic and singing at the top of your voice!”

Either of them will do.  Of course could just be Jennifer Stewart.  Right. Susan, Mickey and I are starting worldwide trend to recognize that older women have just as much to offer as nubile young beauties.  Obviously not to men between ages of 16 and 96 going through mid-life crisis, but there’s the Rest Of Us.   Beautiful young women will look at us and either be inspired or gloat, which is v. positive effect for them.

Everybody else will say “well it happened for her, so it can happen for me”.

Don’t die before you’re dead.


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