2010 World Cup Soccer – Enough Gloom and Doom!

Enough gloom and doom now.   I sound like a wet blanket.  Or do I?  Not to the people who are living on less than $2 a day, I guess.  But then they aren’t reading this anyway, chances are.

D day has arrived.  People are waving flags and hooting, and playing vuvuzelas – a kind of horn made of plastic, which makes this lovely low-pitched wailing sound.  The other day traffic came to a halt in the small village down the way.

In town people were said to be dancing in the streets, whooping it up.

South Africa seems to have done a good organizational job, and despite all the naysayers who predicted that stadia wouldn’t be finished on time etc, everything is up and running, and fever is at excitement pitch.  It’s a huge thing for Africa, for South Africa.

I read something somebody said about putting personal gripes with political figures and FIFA aside for a month while our guests are here.  I liked that.  Treat them good, welcome them.  Join in the fun!


3 thoughts on “2010 World Cup Soccer – Enough Gloom and Doom!

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