Mazeltof to an Incredible Woman – Oprah Winfrey

I keep meaning to say this, and keep getting side-tracked.

I love that Oprah’s starting her own network and making it about fulfilling dreams and potential, and overcoming obstacles, giving everybody the opportunity to play a part. She’s got some celebs who’ll have their own show, but she’s opening it up to anybody who wants to audition.  You can do it with a video or live in different cities, and she has quite a few categories.

I think it’s quite amazing that she’s never lost her direction or her humanity as she’s amassed power and wealth – in fact she’s become increasingly grounded.  Incredible woman.  I love her vitality, her strength of purpose, sense of humor, her powerful emotions – and how much fun she has sometimes.  She doesn’t fit into any kind of celebrity category, doesn’t place herself on a pedestal, and is perfectly willing to let the world see how vulnerable she is.

Now she’s starting her own network and doing it her way.  She could easily have made it a total celeb thing since she knows everybody on the planet, and given how much everybody worships celebrities she’d have probably ensured massive, instant success for herself, but she hasn’t.   She’s remained human.

She’s got to be the only network person in the world who recognizes the true value – and power – of that!  Her contribution to the whole world learning how to step out of history has been unrivaled.   Mazeltof, Oprah!


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