Oprah and Owning My Destiny

Easy for you to say, Oprah.

Yesterday, from position of great spiritual awareness and inner poise and conviction of bright future I got an email from Oprah and OWN.

Okay, so a million other people also got one, still it’s something, isn’t it?   She sends out mail asking questions, and the question du jour was “what brought about change in your life?”   Hah!   I’ve got an answer for that one, it’s tailor made for me, I thought, at last, it’s my turn to be noticed by Oprah.   Imagine my excessive excitement when I saw she’s also looking to discover somebody.   I thought the two were connected.

You see! I shouted to the world and nobody in particular.   My landlady’s cat, asleep on a chair, opened one eye and contemplated me through it.

I felt like a kid in class who had the answer.   I know what made me change.   1.  I knew I was trapped when v. young and wanted to change, but didn’t know how;   2.  I met two brilliant therapists – a man and his wife whose practice is called the Human Potential Development Center who saw my potential and know how to teach me how to develop it and free myself from myself;  and  3. I went bankrupt! which shattered my world and at the same time blasted the barriers I’d erected between myself and the world, and exposed my denial and ravaged self-esteem

That’s pretty exciting isn’t it?  It is to me.   So in 1500 words I told the story of my Adventurous Life so far.   Everything comes together if you just believe and don’t give up.   Even  script writing has played major role as know how to tell a story in few words.  Yes, yes yes!!!   I’m going to be discovered by Oprah.   God, the universe and I are all aligned in conspiring to create a brilliant future for me.

Then I noticed that the discovery thing is something different.   Oh.   And you have to have a big personality.


Crash.   Am not woman of substance after all, am just mousy, unfunny, unoriginal wishful thinking loser.   Will never be good enough to make it into Oprah’s club of Important People who’ve Really Made It.    Oprah would look at me and say “you?  I don’t think so.”

I hate the universe and god and my older sister.   Have not stepped out of history, hate history, hate stepping.   Wish the cat would stop staring at me.


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