A Wanker named House

I have to vent about House.

I just plain can’t stand the man, he’s too unremittingly obnoxious and provocative.   It was amusing initially, and I enjoyed how he didn’t care what people thought about him – or wasn’t scared of it, that’s more like it.   I still respect that in somebody.

But the writer has just pushed it too far.   Now I just want all the other characters to walk away from him, stop letting him abuse them.   When I’m not longing for somebody to slap the hell out of him, that is.

And his attitude towards patients isn’t really a satire on arrogant doctors, it’s glamorized, which bothers me.   It’s not funny any more, it’s twisted.    House is nothing more than a self-obsessed wanker.   How many different positions do you want to see a wanker in before you gag?

I stopped following or even watching episodes all the way through.   I realized I was only watching because I liked the other characters, they’ve got much more depth.   But they have to tap dance around the wanker-supposed genius.

Somebody should kill House off.   The show would be great without him – it wouldn’t have to be so boringly formulaic, either.

Last night I wanted distraction, and there was nothing else of any value at all, so I watched for a bit.   The episode really pressed a button.   Let’s give somebody electroshock therapy.    Oh whoopee, let’s glamorize that too.   Scraping the barrel, guys.    I switched off.

Give me Law & Order, Leverage, the Good Wife or Numb3rs any day.    House is off my list forever.    Even if there’s nothing else to watch.   It provokes a serious sense of humor failure.

I can swallow a lot of things in a series if generally it’s well written and entertaining – either funny or dramatic.   But glamorizing medical arrogance and a wanker as the hero?    That’s really pushing it.    So, adios House.   I shan’t let you press my buttons any more.


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